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Every independent musician is looking for the best social media marketing strategy to gain fans in 2024. Social media is absolutely essential for musicians these days to be heard. Some absolutely hate it, but it’s true, like it or not. It comes naturally to some artists, but it’s a lot harder for others. These social media tips for artists can help to improve your marketing strategy though. Creating a plan is always a good first step. Don’t just randomly post stuff and hope it works out. Actually write out a social media content strategy. It should detail your promotional schedule, where you promote, how often and what you post.

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Why Is Social Media So Important for Independent Musicians?

Almost every success story we see from independent musicians, was kicked off from social media. How many times did you see an artist go viral on TikTok? Most recently, we featured a post about Dasha, she went viral on TikTok with her song Austin by creating a dance for it that blew up. We see this all the time. Like it or not, being a independent musician in 2024, means you’re a content creator on social media basically. Just posting music, no matter how good it is, either won’t work, or it’ll take forever. Mastering social media is vital to be heard.

Social Media Tips for Artists to Help with Algorithms on Each Platform:

We have all heard about the algorithms on social media that control our daily lives basically. Each network is different, but there are a few key points that are universal with all social media.

  • Consistency
  • Engagement
  • Quality Content

Planning ahead to have a consistent marketing schedule is very important. Using services like SocialBee to schedule the content across all of your platforms is a very useful tool. Post entertaining and engaging content. Plus, go and engage with other posts that fit within your niche. Respond to comments from fans on your posts as well. Finally, QUALITY content is key. Just posting a bunch of crap constantly, won’t get you anywhere. Post unique, original and engaging content.

Collaboration is a key ingredient to growing quicker on social media too. Tag other artists you’re working with. Invite other pages as collaborators on your content to reach their fan bases. Also, tag magazines and playlists that featured you.

Creating quality content is a big part of algorithms. The length that people watch your TikTok videos and Reels, directly relates to the odds of it going viral. On average, you have 1-3 seconds to grab social users attention before they swipe away.

Post Frequency Schedule on Each Social Platform:

  • X: 2-4+ times a day.
    • Use X (Twitter) to test what works, then promote to other platforms.
  • Instagram: Post or Reel 1-2 times a day, Stories 2-5 per day.
    • Preferably 70% Reels to Image Posts
  • TikTok: 2-4 times a week, at least once a week.
  • YouTube: 1 Short and 1 Long form video a week.
  • Facebook: 3-5 times a week, algorithms on Facebook are harder to predict. Reels perform better than posts though. Best to connect your Instagram to Facebook and just share it on both platforms at once.
    • The best part of Facebook is you can add links to your posts that link back. Plus the length of posts isn’t limited, just your reach.

These numbers were determined after analyzing successful independent artist pages on all of these platforms. Each of the pages we analyzed had between 10-100k followers. Looking to replicate what successful artists are doing is always a solid strategy in any area of business. The numbers can vary depending on genre or niche, check out the pages for artists within your demographic and try to replicate the schedule they are on.

Great Social Media Content Ideas For Musicians to Engage with Fans:

Content is king! It can be a struggle to generate more content for your social pages though. Below, are some great social media content ideas for musicians. This all helps musicians to engage with fans while they learn more about you. Learn more social media promo tips here.

  • Behind the scenes clips of you creating new music (Reels/TikTok)
  • Q&A’s for fans to get to know you better (Reels/TikTok)
  • Clips from live shows or just you performing songs differently, perhaps acoustic versions or remixes (Reels/TikTok)
  • Post images of you when you were younger, help fans get to know you better (Insta/Facebook posts)
  • Personal stories on who you are, what you’re like.
  • Giveaways! This works for X and Facebook posts great, allow your fans a chance to win tickets to a show, free merch or signed albums.
  • Have them sign up to your mailing list to enter to win so you can build your mailing list.

Social Media Tips for Artists Including Marketing Strategy & Content

You have probably heard of a lot of this before already. But we have come across a lot of independent artists that have great music, but clearly haven’t heard some of this below. Everybody has a different level of understanding when it comes to social media marketing. Below are some social media tips that all musicians need to know and adhere to.

Social Media Do’s:

  • Collaboration, inviting other artists or promoters to be collaborators on posts helps you to engage with their fan bases.
  • Post engaging content, something that pushes for comments and shares.
  • Include your fans input, share various album covers and have them help you pick the right one, or help you name a song.
  • Short form videos are a must, Reels and TikToks are huge.
  • Be funny and entertaining when possible. Could even just create a video of you performing a song, with the bottom half of the video being completely random, even playing a video game or a pet playing.
  • Create quality content! Images and videos need to be high quality or you won’t be taken seriously. Be creative and original, be yourself!
  • Look at successful artists pages, what are they doing? Model yourself after them to some degree. Post similar content at similar times.

Social Media Do Not’s:

  • Don’t just post links to your music!
  • Instead of just pushing links to your music, talk about what inspired the music. What the new song is about or how you created it.
  • Don’t be too spammy, mix it up. Show who you are in between links to your music.
  • DON’T just repeatedly post the same image or same content.
  • Repetitive content will negatively effect the algorithms.
  • Don’t over produce your content. Keep it simple.
  • Could just be a video of you listening to your new song and vibing with it the way you hope your fans to do as well.

How to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing?

All of these social media tips for artists are a lot to take in. Being actionable on all of this can still be very time consuming. Independent artists often can’t afford a social media marketing team though like a label would use. The best idea is to find tools online that are affordable, but save your time while producing quality results. Luckily, we’ve worked with a company called SocialBee that we would highly recommend for independent artists to help upgrade your social media marketing strategy.

SocialBee allows you to take your social media marketing schedule, and push it out to all of your pages from one platform. Plus, you can great quality content through the platform, using AI as well. Most importantly, SocialBee allows you to analyze the analytics of what is and isn’t working for you. This way you can improve your plan and continue to be more efficient moving forward. It is free to try for 14 days, and just $24 a month to post to 5 platforms. That’s a great deal and allows artists to have more time for their music.

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