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We created a new Spotify playlist! This playlist will be shorter than the rest, as it will be constantly revolving with new music. We will keep it shorter, under 50 tracks at least if not less. The goal is to allow you to discover new music daily here. All of the best new independent music we discover will be added to this playlist. The longest a track will stay on the playlist will be a week. So all of the music is fresh and new. Favorite the playlist to stay in tune with what’s new and to find the best new music on Spotify.

Discover New Music Daily on Spotify

Listen below to hear something new. All genres are featured, there’s definitely something here for you! Think we missed something? Contact us and let us know what we should consider adding next.

These artists and bands are on the verge of being the next big thing. Discover tomorrow’s stars today and stay ahead of the curve. None of the music below is from a major label, all proudly independent artists or signed to indie labels. Please also share the playlist to help these artists to be discovered quicker.

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