Jelly Roll Dominates the CMT Awards Show Headlinez

Last year (2023), the CMT awards show was Jelly Roll’s breakout in to the country music scene and the world. Since then, his music career has continued to take off. Last night was no different as Jelly Roll dominates the CMT Awards Show again in 2024. He was the star of the show, winning 3 awards, continually being featured and performing the final show.

Jelly Roll Dominates the CMT Awards Show in 2024

Lainey Wilson was also a huge star of the CMT Awards show with her two performances and an award, however Jelly Roll was the big winner. He took home three awards, for best video of the year and best male video of the year with ‘Need a Favor’. Plus CMT Performance of the Year. The cherry on top of it was his final performance of the latest hit song ‘Halfway To Hell’. Both songs are from his huge album ‘Whitsitt Chapel’ which dropped in June of 2023.

Jelly Roll was featured throughout the show too, coming out to speak with the host Kelsea Ballerini. At another point he was going around offering hugs to other stars at the show. The fact that the CMT Awards are fan voted, particularly showcases how huge Jelly Roll is right now. His fans continue to come out and support him time and time again.

Jelly Roll dominates the CMT Awards Show

Is Jelly Roll a Real Country Artist?

It’s especially impressive to see Jelly Roll dominate the CMT Awards for 2 years in a row now, because of where he came from. He’s 39 years old now, he just recently transitioned from a hip hop artist to a country artist. Country has seen a huge resurgence lately, a lot of artist have been going country. Such as Beyonce with her new album. Jelly Roll has had a tough road though, and found a home in country with his brilliant story telling. Plenty will say he’s not a real country artist, but the definition of country varies. Plus, there are a lot of sub genres under the main country genre.

Jelly Roll definitely has his own brand of music, he’s hard to label. But most people agree that the backbone to country music is the story telling, which Jelly Roll does as good as anybody. With his face tattoo’s, he may not be the typical face of country music. But depending on where you look, Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson seem to be the King and Queen of country music in 2024.

Jelly Roll’s Success Story is Inspiring for Independent Artists

As with anything at MuzicNotez, how does this relate to independent music? Well, Jelly Roll is an independent artist. He’s not signed to a major label. He hyped up his independent label, Stoney Creek Records, in one of his three acceptance speeches. He’s also with 2 other independent labels in Slumerican and Nashville’s BBR Records. BBR Records is one of the largest independent country music records around, but it’s still indie. Jelly Roll’s success story is inspiring for independent artists because he’s proven you can reach the mountain top without a major label backing you.

He has done this with his heartfelt music. Turning his struggles over the years in to music that inspires millions. Beyond the music, he’s taken his success to help others that struggle with drug addiction. He was invited to speak to Congress in Washington D.C. About addiction to fentanyl. His unique perspective on the issue made a real impact and could save millions that suffer. After speaking to Congress, Jelly Roll said that ‘Every Senator in America’ has called him. Proving the impact his speech made.

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