Interview with Composer Melvin Fromm Jr New Single

We recently interviewed the successful, award winning, music composer Melvin Fromm Jr, which you can check out here. He has been releasing a lot of new music lately. As you go through his discography, you’ll quickly notice his music crosses many genres. Here, we’re talking about Melvin Fromm Jr new song ‘Frozen White Winter Corn Ways’.

The new track, ‘Frozen White Winter Corn Ways’ is an instrumental track, featuring a guitar strumming over some piano and a soft drum beat. In this song, the guitar is the feature. The plucking is upbeat, yet easy going. Towards the end, the beat changes, bringing a more off tempo vibe. The track was released on April 4th, 2024. He already has another new track entitled ‘Wash Winter Cracked Ways Away’, sticking with the winter theme. Listen on Spotify and follow his pages to keep track of all the new releases to come!

Melvin Fromm Jr New Song ‘Frozen White Winter Corn Ways’

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