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We’re always keeping our ears open for independent music new releases and wanted to display them all in one place for you. These independent artists might be just on the rise now, but some of these indie releases will someday be talked about as a monumental step to what became an epic music career! So the chart below will display our picks for the best independent music new releases.

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Name Release Name Genre Date Type LISTEN
Teddy At Night Good In The End Alternative 5/17/24 Album
MARIS Julia Roberts Pop 5/17/24 Single
Monjola GO WRONG R&B / Soul 5/17/24 Single
Christian Sparacio Daisy Wildflower Indie Rock 5/3/24 Single
54 Ultra Heaven Knows Soul 5/1/24 Single
Torus, The Blue Stones Avalanche Rock 5/1/24 Single
EBK Jaaybo Boogieman Rap & Hip Hop 4/24/24 Single
408 Darwin Bully Rap & Hip Hop 4/24/24 Single
Queen of Jeans All My Friends Alternative 4/22/24 Single
Bri Fletcher Bigger In Texas Country 4/19/24 Single
Lil Yee, Lil Bean Dead Trolls Rap & Hip Hop 4/19/24 Single
Hana Vu 22 Pop 4/17/24 Single
Wafia Background Alternative Pop 4/16/24 Single
Walker County Painted Ponies Country 4/12/24 Album
Logan Lost In Translation Indie Rock 4/12/24 Album
Acid Tongue Acid on the Dancefloor Garage Rock 4/12/24 Album
CATTY Healing Out of Spite Pop 4/12/24 Single
Bad Bad Hats Bad Bad Hats Indie Rock 4/12/24 Album
ZZ Ward Where Did All The Love Go? Alternative 4/5/24 EP
Reid Haughton Flicker Rock 4/5/24 Single
bby ivy Did It Make You Feel Like A Man Pop 4/5/24 Single
Bibi Club Parc De Beauvoir Pop 4/4/24 Single
Chris Patrick THE CALM Hip Hop 4/3/24 Album
Dorsten To The River Folk / Americana 3/29/24 EP
Mike Parker Heard You Say Goodbye Country 3/22/24 Single
Cupnoodle BaBaBaBaby Pop 3/22/24 Single
Wahid feast, by ravens Hip Hop 3/22/24 Single
Frances Whitney Easy Street Pop 3/22/24 Single
Brother Zulu Atlanta Future Soul 3/15/24 Single
Mercer Henderson Bad Timing Pop 3/15/24 Single
Telander Loose Ends Rock 3/15/24 Single
Coleman Jennings Wildflowers & Tears Country 3/8/24 Debut EP
Aiden Canfield Just 21 Country Rock 3/8/24 Single
Gabi Sklar Heartbreak In Heaven Pop 3/8/24 EP
Susan O'Neill Drive Folk / Single
The Weathered Souls You Rock 3/6/24 Single
fantasy of a broken heart AFV Rock 3/6/24 Single
Miranda del Sol aguardiente Pop 3/1/24 Single
Allison Daniels We Both Know Country 3/1/24 Single
Jynx716 ANDY Hip Hop 3/1/24 Album
gglum Eating Rust Rock 2/28/24 Single
unpeople waste Rock 2/26/24 Single
Tucker Wetmore Wine Into Whiskey Country 2/23/24 Single
liza THE ARSONIST & THE SUPERMODEL Pop 2/23/24 Single
Kris The $pirit The Kings of Dog Town Hip Hop 2/22/24 Album
Ken Pomeroy Cicadas Folk 2/21/24 Single
BODEGA City Is Taken Alternative 2/24/24 Single
aleksiah 24 Pop 2/20/24 Single
Dasha What Happens Now? Country 2/16/24 Album
EVALINA Rough Patch Pop 2/16/24 Single
I Don't Speak French Millenials Alternative 2/16/24 Single
Anacy Hot Mess Pop 2/16/24 Single
Parker Barrow Back To Birmingham Country Grunge 2/16/24 Video
Summer Banton Boyfriend R&B 2/15/24 Single
Ruby Waters Adult Swim Alternative 2/14/24 Single
Sheyna Gee King Size Bed Yallternative 2/9/24 Single
The Castellows A Little Goes A Long Way Country 2/9/24 EP
Tyra Madison California King Country 2/2/24 Single
Olympia Vitalis Mardy R&B / Soul 2/2/24 Single
SidePonies Yes Please! Alternative 2/1/24 Single
Johnny Cacoa Blood In The Air Rap / R&B 1/31/24 Single
Greekboy Bullpen! Rap & Hip Hop 1/30/24 EP
Death Lens Cold World Rock 1/30/24 Single
Lillian Hepler Call Me Yours Pop 1/29/24 Single
The New Respects Struttin' Country 1/26/24 Single
Jeb Bundy The Distance Country 1/26/24 Single
Blu DeTiger Dangerous Game Pop 1/26/24 Single
Cosmorat No Sleep Pop 1/25/24 Single
A-F-R-O New Colonel In Town Hip Hop 1/26/24 EP
Peter Jackson / Caleigh Barker / Claire Virginia Numb Hip Hop 1/19/24 Single
Mary Kutter Devil's Money Country 1/17/24 Single
SPACE CAMP / Jake Etheridge Never Felt So Good Alternative 1/16/24 Single
Jane's Party Common Guys Alternative 1/16/24 Single
Ellur Satellites Indie Pop 1/16/24 Single
Punchlove Screwdriver Alternative 1/16/24 Single
T-Zank For The Moment Hip Hop 1/15/24 Single
Baby Panna Heart On The Floor Hip Hop 1/12/24 Single
Styles Haury What People Think Country 1/12/24 Single
Logan Movies Indie 1/12/24 Single
Peytan Porter Lemonade Country 1/12/24 Single
Emily Brimlow I Fall in Love Too Easily Pop 1/12/24 Single
Boy Deco, Quantum Keys Real Sugar Alternative 1/12/24 Single
Ellie Bleach Whole Lotta Nothing Indie Pop 1/11/24 Single
Gen and the Degenerates Kids Wanna Dance Rock 1/9/24 Single
Jachin McDonald pickups Alternative 1/5/24 Single
girly. Digital Beggers Alternative 1/5/24 Single
Christopher Syncere RESURFACED DRAMA Hip Hop 1/4/24 Single
TATYANA Down Bad Electro Pop 1/4/24 Single
MiLES Baby Blue Alternative / Funk 12/13/23 Single
harf. Cruel, Cruel World Folk 12/8/23 Single
Rhyan Douglas Young & Reckless Alternative 12/8/23 Single
Korin Numb Alternative 12/8/23 Single
Eva Gadd The One Pop 11/24/23 Single
Juno Willo 6 Fears Folk / Rock 11/24/23 EP
Kingfishr Live From Doonane (Acoustic) Folk / Alternative 11/24/23 EP
Sadie Fine Friends With Benefits Pop 11/10/23 Single
Goldie Boutilier Emerald Year Alternative 11/9/23 EP
Terria Jai Bum Bitch Rap & Hip Hop 10/20/23 Single
Pyrex Pryce Sweet Poison Rap & Hip Hop 10/13/23 Album
Hana Lili Small Talk Dream Pop 10/13/23 Single
Jon Wayne Hatfield Autumn Country 10/13/23 Single
Zandi Holup Gas Station Flowers Country 10/6/23 Single
Harper O'Neill Dark Bar Daisy Soul 10/6/23 Album
NEEA RIVER Burned CD Pop 10/6/23 Single
Juliet Ivy boytoy Pop 9/29/23 Single
Melanie Dyer Dust Country 9/29/23 Single
Adrie Japon Pop 9/29/23 Single
UFO Fev EASIDE FEV Hip Hop 9/27/23 EP
Lucy Daydream Dream Machine (Deluxe) Pop 9/15/23 Album
Flo Gallop D.O.N.E Pop 9/15/23 Single
Abby Johnson Abby Johnson Folk 9/15/23 Album
Swank Mami Eurostar Pop 9/13/23 EP
Gracie Carol Heartburn Country 9/8/23 Single
Selma Judith Mediocre Soul / Pop 9/8/23 Single
Rachel LaRen Lonestar Lonely Country 9/8/23 Single
Scoobert Doobert fuck it let's go bowling Alternative 9/8/23 Single
After Ours Ebbs and Flows Alternative 9/6/23 Single
Hudson Ingram Good As Gone Pop 9/1/23 Single
miicah Bad Holiday Alternative 9/1/23 Album
Leah Marie Mason Black Sheep Country 9/1/23 Single
Sasha McVeigh Meant To Be Country 8/25/23 Single
Jax Anderson Love Myself Alternative 8/21/23 EP
WHO SHOT SCOTT I HEAR THEM LAUGHING Alternative / Hip Hop 8/18/23 Single
Dog Park Gemini Pop 8/18/23 Album
SGaWD Dump All Your Worries on the Dance Floor Pop 8/18/23 Single
Miina Slow Motion Soul Rock 8/14/23 EP
Jude York Cashew Pop 8/11/23 Single
Oliver Anthony Rich Men North of Richmond Country 8/11/23 Single
Margo Backseat Dreams Pop 8/4/23 Single
Lex Aya Best Friend Pop 8/4/23 Single
Keni Titus american spirit Alternative 8/4/23 Single
McKay Bad Liar Alternative / Folk / Rock 8/1/23 Single
Mute Choir DOPAMINE Alternative 7/21/23 Single
Max McNown Blue Eyed Constellation Country 7/21/23 EP
Amaal Nuux The Middle Pop 7/21/23 Single
Mak Ro ft. Jordan Occasionally Just We Pop 7/21/23 Single
Austin Williams Wrong Truck Country 7/21/23 Single
Gabriel Jacoby make it sweet Pop 7/20/23 Single
Caleb Taylor Teach Me Neo Soul 7/21/23 Single
Khya CRIMINAL Pop 7/7/23 Single
Brandon Davis Still Gonna Be Country 6/30/23 Single
Playdate bent Pop 6/29/23 Single
Fiona Sofia a little bit of everything Pop 6/23/23 Album
Maddie Wilson I Wish That I Could Call You Country 6/23/23 Single
Kuren Too Fast Alternative 6/23/23 Single
Lidia Solomon Affair with the moon Alternative 6/23/23 Single
Matilda Lyn A Bowl of Unripe Fruit Alternative 6/21/23 Single
Roman Alexander Downtime Country 6/16/23 Album
Wolf & Moon Lost & Low Pop Noir 6/16/23 Single
Wynne Hot Friend Hip Hop 6/16/23 EP
Virgin Miri h4msterboy Pop 6/16/23 Single
Bizzy Crook Love Language Hip Hop 6/9/23 Single
Isabel Wood Boy Pop 6/9/23 Single
JonoJono Conciousness Alternative 6/9/23 Single
HONEYMOAN Sit Right Alternative 6/7/23 Single
Flo Gallop Window Shopping Pop 6/2/23 Single
Vv Pete, UTILITY Jordan 1s Rap / Hip Hop 5/25/23 Single
Noah Pope Shining Pop 5/23/23 Single
Sopë Breaking Free R&B / Pop 5/19/23 Single
Sadie Fine Detox Pop 5/19/23 EP
ili Tongue Tied Pop 5/19/23 Single
Revenge Wife Fantasy Girl Indie Pop 5/19/23 Single
Nevi Westside Jazz / Hip Hop 5/19/23 Single
Raghd A Good Friend Soul / Dance / Electronic 5/12/23 Album
Softee Natural Pop / Indie 5/12/23 Album
Rahill Flowers At Your Feet Pop / Indie 5/12/23 Album
Portraits of Tracy Drunk Hip Hop 5/9/23 Single
David James The Awakening Hip Hip 5/5/23 Album
Ethan Tasche Holdup Pop 5/5/23 Single
Carter Faith Wild Country 5/5/23 Single
Zinadelphia Cosmos Pop 4/26/23 Single
26fix Stone Killer Pop 4/26/23 Single
Dreamer Isioma Princess Forever R&B / Soul 4/21/23 Album
Alex Miller Girl, I Know A Guy Country 4/21/23 Single
Generationals Waking Moment Alternative / Indie 4/18/23 Single
ShaqIsDope Almost Killed Me Rap 4/14/23 Single
Leah Marie Mason Honeydew & Hennessey Country 4/14/23 EP
Rosse Coincidence Pop 4/14/23 Single
Brecreation Boonies Hip Hop 4/14/23 Single
Prep One Day at a Time Marina Pop 4/14/23 Single
Venus & The Flytraps Scaredy Pants Indie Rock 4/13/23 EP
Sam Short Hooked Pop 4/11/23 Single
Lily Mae Harrington The Way That It Goes Pop 4/12/23 Single
Rainbow Kitten Surprise Drop Stop Roll Rock 4/10/23 Single
Extra Gold Whichever Way The Wind Blows Country 4/10/23 Single
Lexi Mackenzie He Said So Country 4/7/23 Single
Julia Cole Supernova Country 4/7/23 Single
FruitPunchLoverBoy Fancy Coat Indie Pop 4/7/23 EP
Parker Fans Parker Fans Indie Pop 4/7/23 EP
Overcoats Winner Pop 4/7/23 Album
Cave Story Wide Wall, Tree Tall Rock 3/31/23 Album
Reid Haughton Can't Please 'Em All Country 3/31/23 Single
Hank GOOD GUY HARD LIFE Pop 3/30/23 Single
Hayes Warner Airport Pop 3/29/23 Single
Rebounder Dreamland Indie Rock 3/29/23 Single
rainbow frog biscuits Hide Behind Pop 3/24/23 Single
Elucidate Take It Rock 3/24/23 Single
Alific Write It On The Wall Reggae / Dub 3/23/23 Album
Hippo Campus Yippie Ki Yay Rock 3/21/23 Single
Josh Melton Drink A Beer On It Country 3/17/23 Single
Matt Koziol Work All Day Country Rock 3/17/23 Single
The Indien Be Yours Pop 3/17/23 Single
Kay Young, Ego Ella May Woe Is Me R&B / Soul 3/16/23 Single
Nia Wyn I Know I Should Call More Soul 3/15/23 Single
drugdealer Lip Service Indie Rock 3/15/23 Single
The Nude Party Rides On Alternative Rock 3/10/23 Album
JyellowL La Vie Est Belle Hip Hop 3/10/23 Single
Sophia Scott ft. Zack Dyer Getting Over You Thing Country 3/9/23 Single
Tiny Ruins Dogs Dreaming Pop 3/9/23 Single
Overcoats New Suede Shoes Pop 3/8/23 EP
Sam Austins Keep You Company Indie 3/7/23 Single
Momma Bang Bang Indie Rock 3/1/23 Single
Mxntis & A-F-R-O Agent Orange Hip Hop 2/24/23 Single
Caleb Hawley Sales Pitch Nu-Funk 2/24/23 Single
Luna Blue 2003 Alternative 2/24/23 Single
Kerala Dust Violet Drive Alternative 2/17/23 Album
Mae Estes Before The Record Country 2/16/23 EP
Caity Baser Thanks For Nothing, See You Never Pop 2/16/23 EP
Shayna Gee Angela Yallternative 2/10/23 EP
The Velvet Hands Sucker Punch Rock 2/3/23 Album
Robert Jon & The Wreck Come At Me Roots Rock 2/3/23 Single
Phum Viphurit The Greng Jai Piece Dream Pop / Indie Rock 1/27/23 Single
Melissa Livingstone Grew Up On It Country 1/27/23 Single
Veronica Fusaro All the Colors of the Sky Pop / Soul 1/20/23 Album
The Reytons What's Rock And Roll Rock 1/20/23 Album
MonoNeon ft. George Clinton / / 1/16/23 Single

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