MuzicNotez Magazine Review


MuzicNotez Magazine Review

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Promote your new single, video or album through a professionally written review featured in our independent music magazine. We promote this review all around our site, and social pages. Most popular features each week are also featured to our full mailing list. The glowing review will present you in the best possible light. Features are also a vital part of your marketing strategy, boosting your SEO and creating backlinks to your social pages.

All reviews taken out today, receive a free playlist submission too! To our Spotify or YouTube playlists.


MuzicNotez Magazine Review

Promote your new single, video or album in our MuzicNotez Magazine now. We will find a writer that fits your style best to write up an in depth review of your new release. It will include an image of your choice, or we will find one that fits best from your socials. It will also include all of your social links and website to follow you. Finally, we will embed a widget to listen to your new release via Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud , etc.

Your review will be promoted on our magazine home page, on top of our main sites home page, on the side of all other sub pages, via our mailing list, to all of our social pages and more! Features like this in our independent music magazine are a great way to help build your web presence, boosting your SEO. This will help you to come up in search engines more often, over time giving you extra free promotion. Plus, we link to your socials and website within the review, to create more backlinks for you. Beyond that, this is a guaranteed positive feature for you, that you can include in your press kit and promote to your social pages. Positive press for any artist is a big deal.

We’re looking forward to hearing your new music, and including you in our magazine. Thanks for the amazing music you create, we will work as hard as you did to create it, to make sure it’s properly heard!

Reviews in music magazines are a vital part of your marketing plan. They help to boost your SEO, which brings more free organic traffic to your pages through search engines. This quality keyword rich back link will be a gift that keeps on giving well beyond it’s release.

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