MuzicNotez BOOST

MuzicNotez BOOST


The MuzicNotez BOOST is a step above the PRO. Instead of being DIY, our PR team handles everything for you. We will personally and professionally submit you to our social pages, submit your music to our playlists, send out press releases each month to 500+ press opportunities in magazine/radio and you’ll receive monthly features in our magazine guaranteed.


MuzicNotez BOOST

With MuzicNotez BOOST you’ll still be given access to our PRO tools page. However, we will also be handling your promotion more personally and via our PR team. We will work one on one with you to make sure you receive the promotion you need. Each month you can choose from a review or interview in our magazine. You’ll be added to all of our playlists, which are featured all around our site and promoted via our social pages. Additionally, we will create professional press releases and send them to 500+ press opportunities in magazine and radio all around the world, to gain more outside exposure for you.

All of this comes at just $25 per month (all the promotion bought individually would be a $75 monthly value!) and you can cancel any time.

What do you get with MuzicNotez BOOST?

  • A personal PR rep working with you one on one to promote you
  • Access to the MuzicNotez PRO Tools page
  • Social media promotion
  • Submision to our playlists
  • Professional press release created and sent to 500+ press opportunities in magazine/radio
  • Guaranteed Features in our magazine each month, your choice of reviews or interviews

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