Music Career Toolkit | Social & Email Marketing Planner


Music Career Toolkit | Social & Email Marketing Planner

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Take your music project from being a hobby, to a music career that pays. The Music Career Toolkit helps you lay out and schedule music marketing and budgets. These help with social media, email marketing and analyzing what works and doesn’t.


Music Career Toolkit

Independent artists need to run their music career like a small business. The music career toolkit helps artists do just that. Without the label handling all of the business end of things, it can get complicated and hard to know what you all need to do as an artist. Most musicians, want to stick to the creative part and don’t enjoy the marketing side. We wanted to help, by creating some of the most important music career business forms.

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With these forms, you can set your goals, create digital marketing plans, schedules and budgets. We will send you the 5 files, then you can print them out to use repeatedly for all of your new music releases and promotional periods moving forward. Or, you can fill them in digital, just edit the files like any image on your phone or computer.

The Music Career Toolkit Includes:

Music Marketing Ideas

This is what gets everything started. Use the music marketing ideas form to brainstorm your next marketing campaign. Write up your list of ideas, target budget and marketing tools you’ll be using here. This will easily help your new music promotion take shape.

New Music Release Marketing Planner (2 pages)

With the music release marketing planner, you’ll be able to clearly lay out the promotion of your new release. Plus, analyze it’s success as well, which is a crutial part of marketing. Analyzing a campaign will allow you to improve for your next one. This allows you to better allocate your time and money, making you more efficient.

Music Digital Marketing Planner (2 pages)

The music digital marketing planner includes an email marketing calendar, content creation plans, social media planning, budget allocation, advertising campaigns and helps you track performance indicators. All of this might sound confusing if you aren’t familiar with marketing. But, the way it’s all laid out, you’ll be able to understand much better in the form.

Social Media Content Planner

This one is pretty self explanatory, the social media content planner helps you lay out your socials posts for the day. With it, there’s space to brain storm, write up a task list, action steps and more. It goes without saying that social media is one of the most important aspects of any musicians music career these days. This makes it a little easier to plan out properly.

Music Budget Planner

The music budget planner is just like when you’re creating your own personal budget. But specific for your music career. You can clearly track your music earnings, losses and see what you’re actually making. This lays out what’s working and what isn’t so you better know where to focus your efforts.


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