Music Social Media Marketing Management

Music Social Media Marketing Management


Our music marketing team will professionally create social media ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to promote your new music.


We have been promoting independent artists for over a decade now. Our marketing team knows how to build a social media marketing campaign to get the most for your dollar. You can easily boost a post on Facebook and Instagram. However, it takes years of experience, and staying up with current trends to know how to best utilize each social platform. Using us, ensures the highest results for your ad budget.

One of the most important parts of releasing a new song for any artist, is the social media aspect of it. We will take the guess work out of this for you and set up a campaign through the social media platform of your choice to make a real impact for you. Resulting in more real social followers, listeners for your music and a growing fan base.

What You Get:

  • We will professionally create a boosted post on Facebook or Instagram with keywords and elements that best suite you to ensure the highest results possible.
  • $50 will be spent on this paid post, the other half goes to our marketing team for creating and managing your ad campaign.
  • We will send you the exact analytics and results once it is completed.

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