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Being from Wisconsin here, we normally would be feuding with most things coming out of Minnesota. However, indie rock band Bad Bad Hats new album is one of the better things to ever come from our neighbors to the West. The new self-titled album by Bad Bad Hats was just released today, April 12th, 2024. This new album is so infectious, it’s filled with feel good music, which just makes life better. No better way to kick off the weekend on a beautiful spring day than hitting play on Bad Bad Hats new album!

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Bad Bad Hats is the 4th album released by the indie rock band and it’s simply brilliant. The lead song from album was TPA, which they also released a music video for. In the video, you’ll see just how fun this indie rock band is. A couple of days ago, they’ve also released the music video for ‘Bored In The Summer’. Which could easily be 2024’s summer theme track.

Bad Bad Hats Release New Self Titled Album

The new album by Bad Bad Hats is released by the Philadelphia independent label Don Giovanni Records. However, this is the first album Alexander and Hoge have produced themselves. They say “This record was made by three friends in a basement, with joy and spontaneity and sandwiches.”. This helps to create their truly original sound, which we love! You can listen to it via Spotify below, and watch their fun music videos on YouTube.

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