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It doesn’t have to cost you any money to help an independent artist to succeed and help their dreams come true. There are a lot of things you can do that make a big impact on musicians, which cost you nothing. So we decided to write up tips on the best ways to help support music artists for free in 2024. Everything we suggest, takes very little time. It will improve your day, their day, and the overall community by helping to uplift new music.

4 Ways to Help Support Music Artists in 2024

You’re probably already doing a lot of this. But first off, you need to find the right music. Being here on MuzicNotez, you’re clearly actively looking for independent music. Being in circles like this and following pages that feature new music is a great first step. But how many times do you see a post from a new artist and scroll on by? Or a link to new music and don’t hit play? It doesn’t take long to make an impact. When more people do all of this below, it all adds up in a big way to support music artists. Let’s help these artists achieve their dreams!

Listen to Their Music

Pretty obvious right? It’s the easiest and most basic thing you can do. Plus, it helps open your mind to new music and improves your day. But every time you stream their song, their streaming numbers go up. These metrics constantly help their music to be discovered further. So play their music video on YouTube, stream their song on Spotify. Also, add their music to your playlists! If you really want to lend a hand, hit that share button to spread the love.

Follow & Engage with their Social Pages

Social media is a huge part of any independent artists marketing strategy. But it’s very competitive and a difficult task as well. Don’t be stingy with that like or follow button! Go ahead and follow their page, it will mean the world to them. But please take it a step further and start liking and favoriting (and sharing!) their posts, leave comments of support. That all aids in to the algorithm and really helps to support these music artists. On top of that, when you watch a video, watch it all the way through. The longer you watch, the better chance it has to gain organic social traffic.

Go See a Live Show!

Gigging and touring is one of the most important things for musicians these days. Often times, shows are very cheap if not free. But having a good attendance can lead to larger paying gigs moving forward. One of the biggest ways artists make money in 2024 is through selling merchandise. So if you see a shirt you like, please don’t hesitate to pick it up.

You don’t need to go see a live show in person to help support music artists. These days, their performing live streams on their social pages. If one pops up, don’t be shy, check it out and hit that share button. Artists are putting themselves out there and every viewer, is a big deal to a lot of them.

Sharing New Music & Contribute

We have already mentioned sharing posts and streams to your pages. But if you like something, share it with your friends and family as well. Just sharing some old music to your pages, or major label artists is nice. But when you share an independent artists music to your page or even text it to a friend, that goes a long way.

If you’re a big fan of a particular artist, another great thing you could do is create some fan art. Could be something unique, AI generated and funny or just a drawing inspired by a song. If you’re an artist yourself, make a cover of a new song. Perhaps you have a music blog or site, write up a quick review of the new music. Write up positive reviews and give positive ratings on the artists pages as well. If an artist is in a contest, go ahead and vote for them.

This isn’t free, but going the extra mile to contribute any small amount to their fundraising campaigns or to download some music really helps too of course.

How to Support Independent Music Artists

Why Is It So Important To Support Music Artists?

They work incredibly hard to create their music. Being an independent musician in 2024 means you’re basically an influencer on social media, ya handle digital marketing, a music studio, booking and everything else. Most artists aren’t doing this for the money, they do it for the love of music and achieving their dreams. Supporting music artists to achieve their dreams is something positive you can do in this world.

How often has music helped you? Added to your day? What kind of inspirational music would you be missing if that artist didn’t get some support early on? Let’s all make the world a better place and support these musicians that support us with their music!

Supporting Those That Support Music Artists Helps Too

Ok, yes… we’re talking about ourselves here. We have been supporting independent music for over a decade. Everything listed above, is all stuff that we do on the daily. We go around liking posts, adding new music to our playlists on Spotify and YouTube. Continually feature new music in our magazine. Our mission has been all about supporting new music. Every social page and playlist follow, is greatly appreciated. Sharing links to our website, or specific posts in our magazine about artists you like, goes a long way. Not just to further support our mission here at MuzicNotez to help support new music. But it also makes an impact for every single artist that we have, and will support in the future.

Beyond us though, there are so many great independent music playlists, other magazines and radio stations. Please go out and support them as well. We do the same, we’re all in this together. If you’re a fan, an artist or a promoter that wants to collaborate with us, hit us up!

Please also share this article wherever you can to share the love and inform everybody!

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