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If you’re a country music fan and you’ve been saying “Country music just isn’t like it used to be”, then you haven’t heard Zach Top yet. Zach Top’s new country music is reviving the spirit of those 90’s legends that we all love. Great’s like Randy Travis, George Strait, Alan Jackson and more. Zach grew up in Washington, hoping to someday be like George Strait. Well now, at just 26 years old, he’s on his way.

The first time I heard a Zach Top song, I legit thought it was an old song I haven’t heard before. Then I looked into it further and discovered a bright new emerging country artist. His voice is just effortlessly made for country. The songwriting, which is the backbone to any great country song, is beautiful. The twangy guitar licks hit just right. He has a wide range of music in his catalog already, ballad’s like his new single ‘Use Me’. Then country rockers like his hit ‘Sounds Like The Radio’, which dropped in January, 2024. He really blew up in 2022 with the hit track ‘Bad Luck’.

Zach Top’s New Country Music Hit ‘Sounds Like The Radio’

‘Sounds Like The Radio’ couldn’t describe Zach Top’s new country music any better. Everything he releases really does sound like the radio. If you want to turn that radio dial back to something that could have played on a country station in the 90’s, just hit play to any Zach Top song. Below, you can hit play on his new single ‘Use Me’ on Spotify. Then, add it to your playlists! Also, hit play on his music video for ‘Sounds Like The Radio’. Once you do, you’ll be saying the same thing everybody else is “Now That’s Country Music”.

Zach Top Signs Deal with Nashville Independent Record Label Leo33

One final thing we want to mention, we’re always preaching how independent artists can find huge success in today’s music industry. You can’t find a bigger independent music success story than Zach Top in 2024. Zach signed to an emerging independent record label in Nashville called Leo33. Zach Top is their flagship artist, and we’re confident this will work out amazingly for both parties. It already is, have a look at Zach’s Spotify and you’ll notice he’s amassed millions of streams on all of his top songs! Always love pushing another independent music success story.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with the Leo33 team! They’re all veterans of the industry and some of the best in the business, but starting out on a new venture, they’re just as hungry as I am and eager to show the world the best country music money can buy! I can’t wait to get to work, blow this thing wide open, and bring my brand of country music to fans who are hungry for it all over the world!” – Says Zach Top on joining Leo33

Next, Zach Top’s New Country Music Album ‘Cold Beer & Country Music’ out April 5th!

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