Mackenzie Arromba New Pop Single 'Cross My Heart (Hope To Die)' Headlinez

Mackenzie Arromba new pop single ‘Cross My Heart (Hope To Die)’ was released March 15th, 2024. It’s been very well received, receiving placement on the huge Spotify playlist ‘Fresh Finds’. Previously, the 22 year old Canadian artist found a lot of success with her track ‘Underwater’. That single received nearly a million streams already.

The new single by pop artist Mackenzie Arromba ‘Cross My Heart (Hope To Die)’ is very well done. Her vocals are brilliant, the production is top notch. It’s her 3rd track so far (that we’ve see on Spotify) and we can’t wait to hear what’s next. Mackenzie’s music has such a big sound, she’s not just a pop artist. Arromba is a very gifted singer, her voice would cross over well in to many genres.

Listen to the new song below via Spotify, and give her pages a follow to see what’s next for this rising star! We also featured the lyric video for the new track from YouTube. Add her music to your favorite pop music playlists and share her music. The best thing you can do to support emerging independent artists like Mackenzie Arromba, is to like posts and share them around.

Mackenzie Arromba New Pop Single ‘Cross MY Heart (Hope To Die)’

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