Using YouTube Shorts to Blow Up Your Music Video in 2024 with New 'Top Songs On Shorts' Chart Headlinez

The hottest thing across all of social media are shorts. This is thanks to TikTok of course, after their massive success, all of the other platforms picked up on this trend. Now, your feed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is filled with shorts. YouTube continues to highly push their shorts through the algorithm. This is why using YouTube shorts to blow up your music video, is a great way to find success.

New ‘Top Songs On Shorts’ Chart on YouTube Launched

At the end of 2023, YouTube launched their ‘Top Songs On Shorts’ chart. There are daily and weekly lists of the top music shorts. Why is YouTube pushing shorts so much? Because they are popular! The way most people consume content these days is through short form videos. Mostly, while scrolling around on their phones and mobile devices. In October of 2023, YouTube reportedly received an average of 70 billion views on their shorts every day! That’s up 20 billion from the year prior. Showing real growth, later this year in 2024, it’s likely to hit 100 billion daily. So ride the trends and take advantage.

How to Use YouTube Shorts to Blow Up Your Music Video

First of all, look at other successful artists in your genre and see how they’re doing it. Likely, you’ll see a lot of shorts with various clips of their latest songs. This is how you can use YouTube shorts to blow up your music video. Create a variety of different videos lip singing to small portions of your latest music video. Each of these videos, should of course link to your full music video.

Tip #1: Post Your Shorts At The Right Times

To help get your shorts in the ‘Top Songs On Shorts’ charts, you’ll need to properly post them. For this, to start, make sure you’re posting at the right times. Check the analytics of your audience, post at, or right before your peak times. If you don’t have enough of an audience for proper analytics to work from, then post at 11AM, 3PM and 7PM. Then, eventually you’ll gain more followers to find your best launch times.

Tip #2: Use The Right Title On Your Short

First of all, use proper grammar. Don’t use all caps, or all lower caps. Attention grabbing words can be in ALL CAPS, but use it sparingly. Your title doesn’t only effect the algorithm, but the click through rate. Your title should also fit within your niche at first. But once you start to grow, don’t be afraid to fit in with the wider, more viral audience.

Tip #3: Focus On Your Watch Time

Ideally, focus on your watch time so that it hits your target of 100%. These are short videos, if you see a drop off in your analytics after a certain time, make sure your shorts are shorter and hit that mark better. You want to keep your audience attention, make sure they get to the end of your short, so they ultimately click through to your full music video and subscribe to your channel. The algorithm on YouTube will push videos that have a good watch time metric. Just like on every other social or streaming platform.

Tip #4: Promote Your YouTube Shorts

This is an obvious one, but plug the link to all of your social platforms and to your mailing list. Even take out ads within YouTube to promote your short. See what works, the more views and watch time you get, the more the algorithm will catch on. Find what works for you, and ride that train.

Tip #5: Build A Quality YouTube Channel

This should have already been done by now, but if now, make sure you build a quality YouTube channel. You need profile picture of course, but also, take the time to build out your page. Fill in your description, make sure to have back links to your website and socials. This way, anybody that does come to your page, you can potentially retain as real fans. This needs to be done across all of your social pages. It’s a huge loss when we find an artist we like, but can’t easily find a way to their other pages or website.

Tip #6: Promote Your Music Video With Shorts

To best understand this, look at other artists and bands and see how their doing it. But basically, take short clips of your song, sing and perform them in various ways. Do this in different locations, so they each have their own unique vibe. Don’t need to overthink it, just be yourself. Just make sure the video quality is good.

These shorts are mini advertisements for your music video. The ultimate goal is to get people to click from the short to your music video. ADD your full music video as a related video from the shorts. This way fans can easily click through.

Stay Informed, Copy What Others Do Successfully.

You’re already doing that if you’re here reading this. Learning more on how to market your music, will help you stay on the cutting edge of trends. One of the most important things you can do, is find other artists within your niche or genre that are finding success. Try to emulate what they do, how they promote themselves. Use the hash tags their using, promote your new music in the same way. If possible, even try to collaborate with them.

Collaboration is one of the most advantageous ways to grow your fan base. Doesn’t hurt to reach out, at the very least, pick their brains to see what they do that works. Best case, you can make a song with them and catch on to their fan base.

Keep learning, the more information you have, the better you’ll do. Watch educational YouTube videos. Search around on Google and find info like you did here. Find more promotional music tips that we’ve written up here.

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