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We’re reviewing the Medusa’s Disco psychedelic rock album ‘Blood & Honey’. The album was released in August of 2023. But recently, we did an interview with Hunter Root, which lead us down the rabbit hole to discover his band. Medusa’s Disco has a very different sound than Hunter Root’s latest solo music, showing his range. Medusa’s Disco creates a high energy psychedelic rock, fused with elements of funk, surf and even jazz. They have an entirely original sound that really stands out.

The latest album by Medusa’s Disco is ‘Blood & Honey’. This album features ten original tracks. ‘Blood & Honey’ is an album that you just hit play on and listen front to back. Every track brings something different to the table. It has every element you want from a great rock album. Especially when the guitar solo’s are blasting, that’s always proof of a quality rock band. These guys really groove out, ‘Blood & Honey’ is one of the better albums I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in a while now. Looks like they put on a hell of a live show too! Hit up their site for shows near you. Check it out below via Spotify and enjoy the ride!

Special note too, they also just released a new single called ‘Breed’ on February 9th. This track really hits hard and feels more hard rock than the previous album. Brings a lot of energy, these guys are just getting stronger with every release. This is a Nirvana cover that they chose to do because their original music has been so inspired by the band.

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