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DJ Righteous new hip hop single ‘Back It Up’ is a remix featuring the Latin Hip Hop artist Livia G. DJ Righteous has a deep history with hip hop music and creating beats. His sound takes influences from dancehall, funk and hip hop to name a few. He resides in the state of Virginia, and also has an independent music label called Boondox Records LLC. This label gives support to other local artists in his area. DJ Righteous has created numerous projects, such as Beatsradamus and working with various artists.

Now, the new track from DJ Righteous is the single ‘Back It Up’ featuring Livia G. This track started as an instrumental beat DJ Righteous created. The beat blew up, so he decided to finish it into a full song. Using Fiverr, he connected with Latin hip hop artist Livia G to add the vocals that fully round out this hit track. Plus, he dropped a music video for the song to really bring it alive. Check it all out below.

DJ Righteous New Hip Hop Single ‘Back It Up’

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