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Zarah new rock single ‘What Have We Become?’ is explosive. When we first heard it, we were immediately impressed! Zarah Maillard is an accomplished author, singer and songwriter. She’s got it all as an artist, an amazing voice, the songwriting chops and all the energy you could ask for. In a world where rock music is being drowned out by auto tune and other digital elements, it’s great to hear that rock n’ roll is a live and well with Zarah. She’s also a brilliant entertainer on stage, opening for the Goo Goo Dolls for years. On top of all that, she’s had a lot of success with her television career. Her show reached 120 million!
Zarah’s latest release though, is ‘What Have We Become?’. She wrote and performed this song. The vocals are so powerful, which matches up with the strong lyrics she wrote. This song has a positive message, and it’s delivered in such a catchy way. The blast of sound that this track brings feels timeless to me. It could fit in to any decade or generation of music. Watch the music video below to really get a full sense of the brilliant lyrics.

Zarah New Rock Single ‘What Have We Become?’

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