Review of MysticChordz New Rock Single 'Better Daze' Headlinez

We’re reviewing MysticChordz new rock single ‘Better Daze’. MysticChordz are a duo of artists William Paul Mast and Kevin L. Killinger. They’ve been life long friends since they were teens in the 70’s. They’ve had various projects together, with William on guitar and Kevin on drums / vocals. After 40 years, their back together as MysticChordz. They aren’t in Denver together anymore, but thanks to technology and the internet, they are making music together while 100 miles apart. Kevin records all of the instrumentals and vocals then William finishes up the production of the song.

Now, the newest release by MysticChordz is the rock single ‘Better Daze’. This is their 16th release. This is a beautiful and nostalgic track about a better time. The 70’s were obviously an iconic era for rock music. It was in it’s budding period, just really coming alive. They were lucky enough to be a part of that scene in the peak of it. Now, Better Daze speaks to the amazing times they had back then. Plus, I’m sure, to the great days they have coming as their musical partnership continues! Listen to it below via Spotify, and find it on most streaming platforms too like YouTube.

MysticChordz New Rock Single ‘Better Daze’

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