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We typically cover independent music here, but when one of the biggest stars on the planet (and one that’s my personal favorite) releases a new record, we need to talk about it. Check out our last review of Stapleton’s brilliant Superbowl National Anthem here. We’re gonna review Chris Stapleton’s new album ‘Higher’ today, on the day it was finally, officially released (11/10/2023). Prior to the release, Stapleton dropped some singles, like ‘White Horse’, ‘It Takes A Woman’ and ‘Think I’m In Love With You’. Right away, from those singles I was already noticing a theme, this album was going to have a strong love theme. Sure enough, when released today, Stapleton’s promotions all had a second photo simply saying ‘For Morgane’.

“For Morgane”

Of course, Morgane is Chris Stapleton’s wife. She’s on stage with him for every show. Sings with him, plays the tambourine and has been his number one supporter from day one. Chris and Morgane Stapleton got married back in 2007. The debut solo album for Chris Stapleton was ‘Traveler’, which was released back in 2015. First off, it’s hard to believe that was only 8 years ago. But clearly Morgane has been there with Chris from the beginning. Of course, prior to his massive success as a solo artist, Stapleton was finding a lot of success in other bands. Such as the bluegrass band the Steeldrivers, and the rock outfit the Jompson Brothers. With all this said, it’s clear that Morgane and Chris have one of the better love stories going in music right now. Chris and Morgane Stapleton are reminiscent of John and June Cash. They just perfectly fit eachother in all of their duets, creating amazing harmonies. Plus, there’s no telling what Morgane all does behind the scenes to be there for one of the biggest stars in the world right now.

Chris Stapleton’s New Album ‘Higher’

Back to the album at hand. Chris Stapleton’s highly anticipated new album ‘Higher’ is his first album in three years. This is following up his hugely successful ‘Starting Over’ album and is his fifth solo release to date. Yesterday, at the CMA awards, Stapleton performed his lead single ‘White Horse’, which had to be the best performance of the night. That is however, the heaviest song on the album. ‘Higher’ is a little more laid back than previous releases. It’s filled with a lot of love songs (For Morgane of course), and leans on that groovy country blues sound that Stapleton has created.

One of the grooviest songs might be the second track ‘South Dakota’. There’s something about Stapleton’s songs about American states, because ‘Arkansas’ off his last album ‘Starting Over’ was just as groovy! Then you have all the love songs like ‘What Am I Gonna Do’, ‘It Takes A Woman’, ‘Think I’m In Love With You’, ‘Loving You On My Mind’ and more. Basically, all of the songs are love songs.

Personally, I love the heavier Stapleton sound, nothing beats it. But with that said, I’d happily listen to Chris Stapleton sing ingredients off the back of products at the grocery store. His booming voice applies to almost any genre, and any style of music. It is just so naturally powerful and souring. He is such a strong songwriter too, every song is an absolute masterpiece. Chris was actually a songwriter for hire earlier in his Nashville career. You’d be surprised at the songs he all wrote for other country artists, do a quick Google search and see for yourself.

In Conclusion.

We love it! It’s an instant classic. Of course that would be our opinion, how could you not love a full album of new music from the legendary Chris Stapleton. Personally, I wish there was a couple more heavier tracks, but I totally understand what this album is in the grand scheme of things. It’s a great addition to his growing discography of albums and I have no doubt will go down as one of his better releases in time. The songwriting, the depth and layers of it all, plus just how absolutely groovy it all is. It’s the kind of album that needs to be listened to again and again. The more you listen, the more you’ll fall in love. As for our personal favorite songs, probably ‘White Horse’, ‘South Dakota’, ‘Crosswind
‘ and ‘Think I’m In Love With You’. Listen to it below via Spotify and see what you think.

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