Becky Raisman New Pop EP 'Warrior' Headlinez
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Becky Raisman new pop EP ‘Warrior’ is her 3rd to date. We have featured all of her releases here already. Feel free to check out the others here. We always love seeing when artists are staying active and releasing new music. Becky has been a very active songwriter, we’re always excited to see what is new from her. It’s hard to really label her sound in any one genre, it’s a blend of pop. Her message is always very positive and uplifting, that’s what we think of most and love it.

The new Becky Raisman EP ‘Warrior’ features three new songs. All of which, have positive messages. This EP seems to feature some heavier synth beats backing up her uplifting vocals. The three new tracks you’ll hear in this EP are the title track ‘Warrior’, ‘Live Your Life’ and finally ‘Summer Nights’. So as you can clearly see just from the song titles alone, this EP is about perseverance, being yourself and enjoying your life. Listen to it below via Spotify, or on your favorite streaming app of choice.

Becky Raisman New Pop EP ‘Warrior’

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