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Tranard Harvin, aka Shi’Lou is an artist that you may not know yet, but you’ll be glad you discovered him here. Shi’Lou single ‘Uni:Verse (World Are You Ready)’ is a beautiful track. It was released a while back, but it’s a timeless song that still applies today. Tranard isn’t just an artist, he’s also a businessman, with various impressive degrees. His music career started out at the young age of 8 in Atlanta, GA. He was influenced by all the music he heard at his Godmothers that summer. Along the way, he started various nonprofit organizations that help the community around him. Especially helping youth to maximize their potential. He’s a hard working man, with strong values and faith. This all shines through in the music he creates.

The song we’re reviewing here today, ‘Uni:Verse (World Are You Ready)’ is a very emotional track. It’s a political anthem that speaks on racial tensions and the unrest in this world. The song is an uplifting one, preaching about coming together and praying for peace. Music is always a very powerful thing, this song was brilliantly written and sung. Hopefully more people hear it and it helps some people out there. The video below features clips of the equal rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights moments from back in that era. Unfortunately, the world still needs songs like this till this day. But, hopefully positive music like this can help bring the world together.

Shi’Lou Single ‘Uni:Verse (World Are You Ready)’

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