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We have a new Spotify playlist that we’ve been working on! This playlist features a variety of independent music in a variety of genres, but the one thing they all have in common, is the chill vibes. The genres mostly featured are Reggae, Chill Pop, Neo Soul, Indie Folk, Dancehall, Rock and even some Rap.

This chill vibes playlist is featuring bands and artists from all over the world. Such as Alific, Phum Viphurit, Vana Liya, Tizzy TEACH, The Nude Party, PREP, Kash’d Out and more! Listen below and give these artists some love. Follow their social pages, add them to your own playlists, like and share their posts! It costs nothing to give a follow or a like. But it means a lot to independent artists like these that work hard to give us music that brightens our day.

The playlist is just getting started, but will keep growing. So if you dig what you’re hearing so far, please give it a follow, and follow us on Spotify for more new music you can discover. All of the songs we add to playlists (over 15 of them so far!) that we curate are new and exclusively from independent artists. There’s definitely something for everybody to enjoy, and we hope you share these playlists to support the artists on them.

Do you have any recommendations for us to add to this playlist? Hit us up on our contact page or socials and we will have a listen. We always love hearing some new music, if it’s your own or just somebody you’re a fan of, send it our way. You can find our social pages here, please give us a follow to help support the new music that we’re pushing. Every follow and like means a lot!

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