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The new electronic music album by Dean Waveland is ‘Zero Gravity’. Dean is an artist and producer from Germany. He’s been making electronic music since the 90’s. Over the years, Dean has built a pretty decent sized following on his social pages and you can stream his music on all major platforms. Plus, find some pretty cool videos to go along with his mostly instrumental electronic music on his social pages.

Now, the new album by Dean Waveland is entitled ‘Zero Gravity’. The album features 15 original tracks. It was released on March 3rd, and is already doing very well. The music is produced very well, each track has a unique vibe. We think this is the perfect kind of album to have playing while you’re working on the computer. It keeps the energy up at a perfect level without being too in your face.

Listen to the album ‘Zero Gravity’ below via Spotify and be sure to add to your playlists. We especially recommend Dean’s music for any party playlists, or playlists you listen to while working. Also, watch the music video for ‘Geyser’ and find more on his YouTube, or shorts on his social pages.

Dean Waveland album ‘Zero Gravity’

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