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Why is adding your music to Spotify and YouTube playlists important?

In today’s music industry, streaming is goal number one for musicians. Most music fans, listen through streaming sites like Spotify and YouTube. Typically, to discover new music or to just play some music in the background, people turn on some playlist to fit the vibe or mood. It’s very important for musicians to be featured on as many playlists as possible so they can be discovered. So we decided to do a little research and write up the indie musician’s guide to adding your music on Spotify and YouTube playlists.

Some of the main reasons artists need to be featured on playlists:

  1. Increasing your odds of being discovered! Being featured on playlists can help independent musicians be discovered by fans they otherwise might not have been seen by. Not only that, it can have a snowball effect. Once a fan likes a new song, they could add it to their own playlists, then others could see it from there and so on.
  2. The Algorithm: Streaming sites like Spotify and YouTube use algorithms to rank and suggest new content based on users listening habits. Every playlist an artist is featured on, helps boost that algorithm in the artists favor. Can even be featured on a big editorial curated playlist.
  3. Increased credibility: Being featured on a playlists, no matter how big or small, shows somebody likes your music and recommends it. This not only boosts the artists ego and let’s them know their on the right path with their music, but psychologically it shows fans that the music is good.
  4. Higher streams and revenue! The money streaming sites pay artists for streams is a point of contention, but it is revenue. The more streams you receive, the higher you’ll be paid. Even more important than the money though, is when you see an artist with a large number of streams, they immediately look legit. Plus, each stream, is another fan that heard the song, potentially becoming a new follower.

Basically, for these reasons and more, it’s very important for independent musicians to be featured on playlists. Obviously, every artist is swinging for the fences for that big editorial playlist feature. But even being featured on smaller playlists helps!

Understanding the different kind of playlists on Spotify and YouTube

There are a few different kinds of playlists on both Spotify and YouTube, each have different features and benefits for independent musicians. The more you understand them, the better you’ll do.

Types of Spotify Playlists:

  1. Editorial Playlists: These playlists are created and curated personally by Spotify’s editorial team and are the most sought after. Each of these playlists has millions of followers, because they’re highly featured in the browing pages and more. When an artist is featured on an editorial playlist, it’s a big deal and can massively increase their following. Plus, gives an artist something big to share to their fans on social media.
  2. Algorithmic Playlists: Again with the algorithm.. these playlists are curated automatically by the algorithm based on user’s listening habits. Basically, each user listens to different music on Spotify, then are recommended with playlists featuring that kind of music and stuff similar that Spotify thinks you will like.
  3. User-generated Playlists: One of the best features of Spotify is the fact anybody can make their own specific playlist. These generally won’t have the largest of followings, but being featured on somebody’s personally playlist is still an honor, and every little bit helps. Plus, fans that add an artist or song to their own personal playlist, is a passionate fan that will also likely be following that artist on socials.

Types of YouTube Playlists:

  1. Official Artist Channels: These are channels created by artists themselves, often featuring their own music videos and other unique content. Being featured on these is a great way to reach new fans.
  2. YouTube Music Playlists: Similar to Spotify editorial playlists, these are created by YouTube’s editorial team and curated personally. These feature popular songs and new releases, it’s a big boost for any independent artist to receive a feature like this.
  3. User-generated Playlists: Again, similar to Spotify, these playlists are created by users. Who knows where each user embeds or shares the playlist, but it will help with the algorithm and increase an artists odds of being heard.

Spotify and YouTube Playlists

How to add your music to Spotify and YouTube playlists

Alright so now you know what kind of playlists Spotify and YouTube have, and why you want on them, but how do you get featured on these playlists. We have some tips to follow below that will increase your odds.

  1. First and foremost, the music needs to be good. This of course is a matter of perception in most cases, but it at least needs to be a high quality recording, up to industry standards. Being a good song will increase the odds of being noticed by curators.
  2. Submit to curators: Now that you have good music, it’s time to put in the work to promote it. Submit it to curators of playlists, ask them to consider your music. Find curators on social media, in forums or curator directories. Or purchase placement on playlists that fit you.
  3. Use submission platforms: You can find a bunch of platforms out there that allow you to submit your music to playlist curators easily, for a price. Some popular platforms include SubmitHub, Playlist Push and Soundplate.
    1. Most importantly for Spotify, use ‘Spotify For Artists‘.
  4. Promote your music: Using social media, email blasts, and other marketing strategies to promote your music will increase your following and likelihood that curators find you.
  5. Collaborate with other artists: This tactic is often used effectively, it helps you reach a wider, and new audience. Basically, you’re sharing eachothers fans with your music.
  6. Engage with your fans: For just about all aspects of promotion, engagement is key. Don’t be too proud to ask your fans to add your music to their user-generated playlists. They are already your fans, they would probably like to anyways and just haven’t done it yet. Don’t just ask to have your music added to playlists though, also ask for them to follow you.
  7. Stay active! The more music you create, the more chances you have of being discovered. Some of your tracks or videos may not take off, but just keep plugging away until a track catches fire and goes viral.

Just after reading all of this, you may be discouraged or exhausted already. But just attack this a little bit each day and that work will add up. Set up a schedule for yourself. A lot of these steps, are things you’re already doing as an artist. Keep at it, add to it and you’ll get where you want to in time. This is a dream job for artists to make a career off their music. Enjoy it, promoting yourself might not be the fun part of being a musician, but it’s more fun promoting your music than some other jobs out there.

Adding your music to Spotify and YouTube playlists is very important, and achievable. We’re constantly updating our 25+ playlists on Spotify and YouTube, maybe you’re already featured. If not, just reach out to us to consider your music. Or, for just $5 you can add your new track to our playlists right away. Beyond that, you can use our MuzicNotez PRO service and add new tracks to our playlists every week!

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