Steen Rylander New Album ‘Drunken Illusions’ featuring Daughter Carina-Maja Rylander

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Today, we’re reviewing the alternative artist Steen Rylander new album ‘Drunken Illusions’. Rylander is a Danish artist and songwriter that creates music fusing reggae, soul, pop and alternative genres (among more!). We previously reviewed his album ‘All Alone’ which you can see here. He has been creating music since the 70’s and is a very accomplished artist.

The new album by Steen Rylander, ‘Drunken Illusions’ was released January, 12th, 2024. This one is different from previous releases, because it includes his daughter Carina-Maja Rylander! That had to be a very special experience for the both of them to create this album together. She has a beautiful singing voice by the way. Hopefully they do more music together in the future. She also wrote all the lyrics for the album! This album features 10 new, original tracks. Similar to the last album we heard from Steen, it also features the instrumental versions of those songs on the back half of the album.

Below, you can see the lyric video for ‘Who You Are’. This song is about perseverance and being comfortable with who you are. A positive message for anybody and always good advice. Listen to the full album via Spotify below and be sure to give Steen Rylander a follow on his socials.

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