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The Danish artist and songwriter, Steen Rylander has released a new alternative rock album entitled ‘All Alone’. Steen has been making music since the 70’s, he’s been in a variety of bands over the years as the drummer, aka back bone of the band. Beyond percussion though, he’s very proficient on a number of instruments. Now, he’s built up a great catalog of tracks released under his solo career. Since 2018, he’s been devoting full time to his music, creating genre bending tracks that can only be described as the classic Steen Rylander sound. His sound is inspired by his roots in the 80’s, and ranges between rock, pop, jazz, reggae and even Latin inspired genres.

Now, the new Steen Rylander album is ‘All Alone’. This album features 20 tracks, 10 of which are basically his original new songs. Then the second half of the album features the instrumental versions of these songs. This album really showcases Rylander’s songwriting prowess. Each of these tracks stands alone and is unique. Different vibes throughout, but yet all come together under his signature sound. I like the idea of also releasing the instrumentals, letting the music stand alone. Listen to ‘All Alone’ below via Spotify and the music video for the title track.

Listen to Steen Rylander Album ‘All Alone’ Now

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