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We constantly talk about how independent musicians need to run their music career similar to how a small business would. Well along those lines, email marketing for independent musicians is one of the most important steps. A lot of artists probably think building followers on social media is the most important step. But those followers aren’t really in your control. The social sites control which followers see what pages. The algorithms are in control. Then what happens if those sites shut down some day? Those followers are gone. Or if you were to get banned for some silly reason.

Why Email Marketing Is So Important For Independent Musicians

Email marketing is massively important for independent musicians because it gives you control. Plus, once a fan subscribes to your mailing list, they are real fans of yours. These are your most invested and loyal fans. With that being said, you should give these fans that took the step to join your mailing list some inside peaks on new music, discounts on merch and more. Once a fan is on your mailing list, you control how you reach them. You’re no longer reliant on a social media page. You hold the cards, so be careful and send quality content to your mailing list that keeps them engaged. You don’t want to just spam them and force them to unsubscribe.

Email Marketing for Independent Musicians

What Are The Best Tips For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

The marketing side of an independent artists’ music career can be one of the most difficult parts. Most artists want to just focus on their music and the rest is a chore. But the successful artists, that stand out in a crowded field, are the ones that put in the work and run a successful marketing plan. One of the most important parts of that plan, is your mailing list. These are contacts you can promote your new music to, have them pre-order your releases. Keep them updated on upcoming shows and sell your merch to them. Knowing the best tips for a successful email marketing campaign is huge. These contacts, are your biggest fans, your audience. Learn how to grow that audience below.

1. Building Your Mailing List

1. Use every resource you have as an opportunity to gather contacts. Add a subscription box on your website, promote giveaways to your social followers for them to sign up, promote your mailing list at live shows.

2. As you’re gathering contacts, make sure you get their email address, along with their name and location at least. Any additional preferences to segment your list are even better. This way you can personalize your emails to them better.

2. Make Sure to Create Compelling Content

1. Think about marketing emails you get, what works and what doesn’t? Make sure you’re sending emails to your contacts that they will want to receive. Such as an inside look of your creative process, insider updates on new music and gigs.

2. Add images and videos to your posts, not just text. They should be visually appealing.

3. Stick to a Consistent Mailing Schedule

1. Don’t over send, but don’t under either, once or twice a week is great. Keep your audience engaged this way so they don’t forget about you, but don’t burnt them out either.

4. Create Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines for Emails

1. The more compelling your subject lines, the higher your open rates. Be witty and enticing. Some mystery to peak curiosity works well.

2. Add personalization when possible, like “Hey (name here)”

5. Offer Exclusive Content to Your Fans

1. Inside looks at you backstage, or in the studio making your next big hit.

2. Give free downloads to your music.

3. Find way’s to create engagement with your audience.

6. Optimizing for Mobile is Essential in 2024

1. Your emails need to be mobile-friendly, as a vast majority of your users will be using their phones to check email.

2. When possible, try to check your emails across various mobile devices.

3. When using a main e-mail marketing site like MailChimp or Brevo, it will automatically be mobile friendly already.

7. Be Clear & Concise, Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

1. Your emails should clearly guide your audience where you want them to go. Look at other marketing emails from artists and businesses to sort of copy ones you view to be effective.

2. Create clear and simple buttons in your emails to link where you want.

8. Utilizing Analytics is Huge

1. Using an email marketing platform, will often provide analytics like open rate, click rate and so on.

2. If your open rate needs improving, improve your subject lines. For click through rates, you need better email content and calls to action.

3. Try A/B testing when sending emails to gauge good subject lines.

9. Create a Sense of Community, Encourage Interaction

1. Invite your audience to reply to your emails and to interact with you.

2. Send out survey’s they can answer, to give feedback.

10. Promote Your Social Pages To Email Contacts

1. The more you build out your mailing contacts, the more you can utilize them to then also build up your social following. The more ways your audience is following you, the better.

2. Cross promote your email campaigns to your social platforms as well.

3. Encourage fans to share your emails and feature buttons in email headers / footers to your social links.

Things To Think About…

Building a successful email marketing campaign can take some time. Above is a good guideline of things to focus on, if ya can do that, you’ll be okay. But continue to focus on creating a genuine connection with your audience. Everybody gets tons of emails, what will set you apart? What will make them want to receive and open your emails? What will keep them from unsubscribing? Ya need to think about these kind of things when creating your emails and scheduling them to go out. Use your email marketing to showcase who you are, and why they should continue to support you as an independent artist.

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Email Marketing for Independent Musicians

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