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The rock artist Rick Shaffer’s new album ‘Sleeping Dog’ came out in late September. After listening to it, we think it might be his best release yet! That’s saying a lot with such an impressive music career to date. Rick started off back in 1977 as founder and lead singer/guitar player of The Reds from Philadelphia. As well as being a studio musician (i.e. Peter Murphy, Marianne Faithfull, Marc Almond), in addition to scoring films (i.e. Manhunter, and Band Of The Hand, Michael Mann). Shaffer released his first solo record in 2010, and nearly every year since then, with ‘Sleeping Dog’ being his 12th solo album already!

Rick Shaffer’s new rock album ‘Sleeping Dog’ features 10 new tracks. He keeps his classic garage blues rock sound going in this one, which we’re thankful for. With so many new rock songs coming out that just don’t seem to rock all that hard any more, Rick is still out there showing you how it’s done. This album rocks from beginning to end. The song writing is top notch, his vocals and guitar playing seem to just improve with age. If heavy riffs, groovy melodies and grungy rock is your thing, this album is for you. This is a album you can easily enjoy to the end, just hit play, and start rocking.

Listen to the full album below via Spotify. Plus, you can watch the music video for ‘Bogalusa’ via YouTube.

Rick Shaffer’s New Album ‘Sleeping Dog’

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