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Here, we’re reviewing the Hooyoosay new EP ‘Silently Crying’, which is magnificent! We have been following them for years, and this release immediately sounds different. We’re always impressed with the diverse, genre bending music that Hooyoosay creates. They don’t fit into any one genre, they make a sound that is all their own. After launching over a decade ago, Hooyoosay has released over a dozen albums by now. This project is all about the music too, not the fame or glory. As the projects various contributors have remained anonymous all of this time. This rotating band of studio musicians creates a very diversified and evolving sound.

Now, the new EP from Hooyoosay, entitled ‘Silently Crying’ is why we’re here. This EP features 5 new tracks, with a pop, rock kind of sound, plus a taste of the blues and even at times some folk. Various tracks feature different singers, all of whom do an amazing job. The instrumentals are all on point, as we have come to expect. The songwriting is really brilliant throughout, and some of the songs are quite deep, like ‘Happy World’. Which really touches base on some of the turbulent times we’re facing. Each song completely stands alone, the EP might only be 5 tracks, but it’s really a journey with how unique each song is from the one before it.

Have a listen below via Spotify, and be sure to add them to your favorite playlists and give their socials a follow!

Hooyoosay New EP ‘Silently Crying’

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