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Solo Noi
Instagram: @solonoi2020

The latest release by Solo Noi is the pop track ‘Dreaming of America’. Solo Noi was founded by John Fitz and Robert Smith. They have been creating pop music since the 80’s in London. But then life got in the way and music was sort of pushed aside while families were raised. But they stayed in touch and the musical inspiration never died. Eventually, in 2016 they teamed back up to create Solo Noi, which means “Just Us’ in Italian. Since then, they’ve released a couple albums, ‘Uno’ and ‘Due’.

Now, the new release by this songwriting duo is ‘Dreaming of America’. This track has some real nostalgic pop roots. It brings the classic synthesized 80’s sound back in to a new era. The song is about having big dreams, that big American dream. But no matter where they may reside or have lived, it seems as if their back to living their dream and creating amazing new music together. This is just the beginning too, they have been busy writing songs and will have another one drop soon too! So stay tuned for that.

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