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This was an easy pick for album of the week, because it blew us away! Harper O’Neill knocked it out of the park with her debut album ‘Dark Bar Daisy’. The Dallas born, and Nashville based artist creates a sound that is truly all her own. It’s a soulful twist on country music, that can’t be ignored. It’s a brand new sound, that has a classic vibe. Soon as you press play on ‘Dark Bar Daisy’, you’ll be sucked right in, and can’t stop until you hear it all. Then… if you’re like us, you will be pressing repeat.

The new album ‘Dark Bar Daisy’ by Harper O’Neill features nine new original tracks. This masterpiece was released October 6th, and has already blown up. Bringing her top features on Spotify playlists like ‘Fresh Finds’ and Pandora’s station ‘Women In Country’ (which she was the cover for!). As with any music with country roots, the songwriting throughout this album is amazing. Harper’s vocals really shine and bring it all to life. Her voice is so natural and effortless, feel like would work with any genre of music. Reminds me of a female Chris Stapleton in that way. The instrumentals bring a soulful groove to country music that is so fresh and exciting.

The first track ‘No Longer Mine’ kicks off the groove and really sets the mood for this album. Then the title track ‘Dark Bar Daisy’ is such a beautiful track, really sets up the rest of the album brilliantly. The story telling throughout the album deals with relationships quite a bit, something relatable for almost everybody. Near the end, ‘You Don’t Love Me’ kicks up the energy quite a bit, and has to be one of our favorites.

We really can’t believe that this is a debut album release, it’s one of the best debut’s we have heard in a long time. This really is just the beginning to something special.

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