We were lucky enough to hear some more amazing new independent music in August. Below, are highlights of some of the best new releases. This chart features music in all genres and artists from all over the world. The one thing they all have in common, is that the music is new, and they are independent artists or bands.

Some of our favorite releases for August are ‘Meant To Be’ (country) by Sasha McVeigh. Then the electric pop hit ‘I HEAR THEM LAUGHING’ by WHO SHOT SCOTT. SGaWD actually has 2 tracks added to our chart recently, and the most recent is ‘Boytoy’. Then, the amazing new soul rock EP ‘Slow Motion’ by Miina. We actually chose their music video for ‘Pressure’ as our video of the week as well. Finally, from the German pop artist Margo, her beautiful single ‘Backseat Dreams’.

Find all of these new independent music releases on our best of 2023 Spotify playlist and new releases chart. Plus, some of them have videos on our YouTube playlists.

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Best new independent music releases of August 2023

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