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Independent artist Susan Daigle has released the single ‘I Won’t Forget’. She started playing music at the young age of 6, when her mom signed her up for piano lessons. But later, her interests turned to guitar, and her brother taught her how to play. From there, she’s a self taught musician, singer and songwriter. She loves creating music, and lately has been in a real creative flow. She’s been dropping track after track on Spotify this summer.

This track by Susan Daigle, ‘I Won’t Forget’, is a calm sort of love song. It has a real chill, laid back vibe. It’s real simple, just some strumming, beautiful lyrics and a understated beat. I personally really appreciate when a song isn’t overly produced. Just let the art speak for itself. Susan did a great job at that here. So if you’re in the mood to relax and hear a nice track, hit play.

Listen to Susan Daigle Single ‘I Won’t Forget’ Now

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