Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi Headlinez

Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi (The King of Jewish Punk) latest album is entitled ‘The 5th King of Jewish Punk: The Duke of the Militia (#42 / 80) – Opus 139’. Before even listening to a note of this album, we can definitely say one hell of a title for an album, and a first that we’ve seen. It’s reminiscent of a name Mozart might come up with. Steve Lieberman is definitely a unique artist in all respects. Everything about what he is and creates seems to be outside of the box. His sound is hard to label, but it’s an eclectic mixture of punk and thrash metal, packaged as a symphonic project.

The new album, which is too long to be naming again here (just read above), is quite long, with 25 tracks. It’s hard to pin point what the exact theme of this album is, but the sound is definitely unique and something I haven’t heard before. It might not be for everybody, but I don’t think that matters to Steve. He makes what he likes and what brings him joy. Whoever else connects with it, that’s great! We did see in a video that he can play 18 different instruments, which is very impressive.

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