Jfons Artist Interviews

MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.

What motivated you to start creating music? What age did you begin?

  • Jfons: My grandmother who’s also a singer and background from Mahalia Jackson I started creating  music at the age of 7 playing the piano writing songs.

    For our family gospel group also the youngest to sing on stage for James Cleveland music convention in New Orleans Louisiana.

MuzicNotez: Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?

  • Jfons: Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway Ron Millsap Burt Bacharach Frank Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, my creation of music is Stevie Wonder Parliament, Will Downing. Just to name a few.
Link Tree: @Jfons
Instagram: @jfonsmusic

MuzicNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?

  • Jfons: Ultimate goal for my music is to reach everyone with true music that never goes away in sound and lyrics. Hoping the whole world feeling what I’m doing.

MuzicNotez: What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?

  • Jfons: Las Vegas MGM. Same agency who manage new kids on the block and the backstreet boys, got me performing at the MGM. Also same place where Toni Braxton performed with other acts at Sony record label. Rep Big Billy Clark loved my performances.

MuzicNotez: You’ve been pushing your single ‘Slow It Down’, which has been well received. How would you describe this track?

  • Jfons: It’s a groove that makes you want to get up a turn up slow it down is a song setting it’s play.
    Meaning it’s a song when you have a party, are clubbing once played you can’t help
    But say it’s about to get rowdy up in here
    Are say that’s my song.

MuzicNotez: How would you describe your sound?

  • Jfons: Defining my sound has no land or limitation like song slow it down
    Bring it all together
    Rock, hip Hop R&B reggae
    Question should be asked 
    What’s next ? jfons gonna give to you

MuzicNotez: You have a new single dropping soon called ‘Can I Get A Minute’, what’s this song going to be like?

  • Jfons: It’s going to have that catchy following are saying
    Especially for guys asking a female for a minute of her time but still coming with that
    Turn it up get with it 
    Having a throwback feeling 
    But prevalent with today music
    Once heard you can’t help but say
    I like that…….

MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

  • Jfons: I’m going to create love ballad songs showing that I’m a smooth vocalist
    Making females feel what I’m doing
    Song like (How do you get over a broken heart ) but still Rocking it.

MuzicNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?

  • Jfons: telling my Fanbase and potential fans jfons have so much music to give
    Just keep riding with me.

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