We last spoke about the Scott Brothers Inc new single ‘World Gone Crazy 2’, but now we bring you ‘Love Hate Thing 2’. It’s been a very popular trend lately to release follow ups to singles like this. We’ve seen a lot of artists do volume 1, 2, 3 and more to singles and albums. It’s a great way to build on a brand of something that’s already successful, plus to further the story being told in the song.

If you haven’t seen our other features on them, and don’t follow them yet. The Scott Brothers are from Philadelphia, and made up of brothers Bryhem Scott (Huddy) and Jamill Scott (Meal Gates). They bring a new modern twist to an old school hip hop sound.

This new single ‘Love Hate Thing 2’ is a more low key song, with a great message. We’re always a fan of their music, because it’s real. Not over produced, not autotuned. Raw and real, saying something that’s honest and relatable. Check it out below on Spotify, on our Rap playlist and more!

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