The latest single by the soulful blues artist VLURA is ‘Rock Me Baby’. VLURA, aka Vonda Franklin, is a singer-songwriter out of North Carolina, but originally South Carolina. Her music career officially kicked off July 4th 2022 when she released her first single ‘My Cry’. Her song writing has depth and emotion, fueled by real life experiences. She’s been supported throughout the years by family and friends that supported her in making music, which we feel is a great thing. Most notably her late mother, Laura Franklin who said “She was supposed to be a star”.

The new single ‘Rock Me Baby’ is a smooth and soulful blues track. It’s a love song directed to a man in her life. The lyrics she writes are sultry and sang beautifully. VLURA has an amazing voice, that seems to be able to hit any note she desires. Between her songwriting, and her God given vocals, she has an amazing ability to express herself through song. Listen to ‘Rock Me Baby’ below and find it on all the leading streaming sites.

MuzicNotez Crew

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