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With all of the EDM pop songs that are released each day, it’s hard to expect something different from the usual flow of catchy, simple songs. Not that catchy, simple songs are bad, but it’s nice to hear something fresh every once in a while. The artist Sarantos seems to have answered that call with his new release, ‘I Wish’.

I don’t think I’ve heard a voice quite like Sarantos’. I don’t even think the word “unique” does justice when it comes to describing Sarantos’ vocal performance in this song and his other songs. Even if you don’t know him as an artist, you can tell that he’s unapologetically himself. With all these artists putting on masks and acting like characters, it’s nice to see someone put themselves out there.

He’s done well for himself musically. He’s been nominated for a bunch of awards and has won a lot from Akademia LA Music. I can see ‘I Wish’ winning him even more awards and nominations because it stands out from the pack. It’s clear with its message, and it catches your ears just right. It’s guaranteed to be a successful release.

MuzicNotez Crew

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