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MuzicNotez: Hello Freddye! It’s an honor to be interviewing you. Thank you so kindly for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.

First off, tell us about your musical background. How and when did you first know that you could sing, and what was your inspiration for becoming a performer?

  • Miss Freddye: I started “play” singing when I was a child. I would sing with some friends. We would pretend we were performing to a crowd of thousands. One Christmas, my mother bought me a pink plastic microphone with a plastic speaker attached. I would sing the latest songs out there! I had known since then I wanted to sing! I noticed singing in front of friends it held their interest. They seemed please!

    I was asked to join a blues band, that is what started me out!


Twitter: @missfreddye17
Instagram: @freddyestover

MuzicNotez: Do you remember the first song you ever sang?

  • Miss Freddye: If you mean when I started out at 15 years old in church, no! Cause I did a solo and it was BAD! HA!
    But, as my first time in a blues band, Etta James “Steal Away”

MuzicNotez: What is your absolute favorite song to perform?

  • Miss Freddye: Oh, that’s hard. I have some many favorites! But, my absolute, all time favorite, Etta James version of “At Last”!

MuzicNotez: Is there a song that is especially difficult that you haven’t been able to master yet?

  • Miss Freddye: Oh yes! There are a couple of covers and originals that I am having trouble putting my “Miss Freddye” spin on. The songs have to be done over and over by me and that’s a lot of going over. I record each time I sing them.
    Lot of hours!

MuzicNotez: What drives you? What inspires you to be the very best you can?

  • Miss Freddye: The fact I see and hear audiences loving what I do! Every show someone comes up, thanks me, tell me they were glad they came out to hear me and my bands. I compete with myself every time I perform. I keep in mind, I love what I do, what I give, and what needs to be done is for the audience. The energy we share gives the drive that is needed.

MuzicNotez: What is the largest crowd that you’ve ever performed for?

  • Miss Freddye: Well, Pittsburgh’s famous “Picklesburg” event is the largest crowd! It is a huge event with thousands in attendance every year!

MuzicNotez: Do you ever get stage fright, and if so, how do you overcome it?

  • Miss Freddye: HA! I developed stage fright at 15 years old while singing my solo in church! It was bad! That’s how my stage fright started. I still have it, but it is not as bad. I use the scenario of pretending I am in the audience telling me “I heard of you but I never saw you before! So, you better entertain me, cause I want to stay for a least an hour!”. It seems to work, so far!

MuzicNotez: Tell us about your home in Pittsburgh, PA. How has it inspired your music?

  • Miss Freddye: Pittsburgh is a diverse city of music! I love our history of music! I have been inspired since I was a child. Attending concerts and festivals, has been very inspiring! I love how people come together! Music is definitely a healer for sure!

MuzicNotez: Your last single, “Something To Believe in” was a huge success for you. Do you have any new music coming out soon? Any music videos planned?

  • Miss Freddye: Thank you! I love that song? Yes, I am in the studio working on 2 projects, with the intent of having them out by early fall!

    I have plans in the works for a music video! Stay tuned!

MuzicNotez: Thank you again for your time. We appreciate it!

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