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John McDonough express pure compassion on the affectionate “Love You Just for You”. Rhythms have a laid-back presentation about them. The nimbleness of the whole band feels inspired. Lyrics here feature a happiness about it. Full of so much light, the bright and airy sound invites the listener into this peaceful world. Guitar and piano intermingle to create this mellowed atmosphere. Everything merges to become a singular whole. Rhythms keep things powerful with the drums opting for a restraint of sorts. Highly poppy, the folk musings add to the sense of timelessness that the track trades in.

Vocals take the lead with the rest of the work coming in soon after. A casual demeanor takes place. Lots of the groove has a kindness to it. Full of a playfulness, the song seemingly taps into the lazy dog days of summer vibe, as there is that right degree of care thrown into the mix. Production keeps it crisp for every single moment gets amplified. The minimal demeanor of the rest of the arrangement means one can enjoy each verse, for the word choice is profound yet simple. Almost akin to a Robert Frost poem, there is a universality to the whole track, something that brings the listener into their own distinct vibe, one sweet and wonderful.

“Love You Just for You” reflects upon the joy for another person, as John McDonough goes for a delicacy one that delivers an absolutely soothing message.

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