The elegant, sophisticated instrumental work of Nyari Bernadett is on display with her latest single, Redemption, out on March 11, 2022. This soothing, delicate piece features a revolving melody that is placed over various rhythm figures to create a cohesive, attractive piece of music that keeps the listener entertained and full of anticipation. As Bernadett, a highly talented, culturally significant solo violinist creates a melody, she is inviting the audience into her own narrative of musical metaphor, and vibrant imagery. With Redemption, Bernadett utilizes the main theme and offers various resolutions to each of her cadences, by either adding in pop rhythm, dance rhythm or resolving her phrases using a tension-filled pedal tone which grabs the next passage with ease. Traversing through her previous catalog of movie score interpretation, and classical pieces, Redemption offers a stark contrast to her typical style and approach to her instrument. This venture into a more pop and EDM style to accompany her playing showcases her dynamic approach and ability to appeal to different genres and audiences.

As a soloist, listeners may expect to be bombarded with the violin being a dominating force through performance, in the case of Redemption, however, Bernadett is clever in where each passage fits within the mix. By allowing the rest of the music to share in the confines of the song, we are given a cohesive piece of music that appeals to a vast audience from any musical background. The production of this single is magnificent, as each overtone is allowed to ring out crisp and clear over the other instruments, giving the soundscape a full and complete sound. Redemption could be a standalone single, perfect for any Classical commercial radio format, however, in my opinion, this piece would make an excellent addition to any dramatic movie score, as all the elements within the piece seem to tell a story, as each new movement happens, the emotional response elicited in the listener would allow filmmakers to properly harness the imagery of this musical theme. Redemption is a wonderful, and very enjoyable piece of music, and an excellent addition to the already highly qualified catalog of tracks Bernadett is amassing.

MuzicNotez Crew