Every once in a while you come across a music project that is unlike any other and completely unique, that’s what hooyoosay is all about. You can’t exactly pin point what genre they are, as they range between seemingly countless genres. They perform whatever comes to mind and don’t let any labels dictate the next song to be made, this creates a real freedom to create something truly unique. They’ve ranged from blues, rock, country, synth pop and even teen pop to name a few. Also, as both of the founding members of this group have been so busy with other professional projects they decided not to add any names to credit in the project, they also don’t do any live gigs so they’re free to focus on creating they’re music.
The latest release by hooyoosay is ‘There’s Love In Town’. This is an 80’s style synth pop track. It has a retro, classic vibe to it, and a real solid groove throughout. I love the harmony that accompanies it and the atmosphere it invokes. The song is sort of haunting and extremely catchy.

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