Get Tribal is unlike any other group I’ve had the pleasure of checking out before. The music is sort of indescribable and out of this world. It’s spiritual, soulful and sensual. Using musical elements from different genres and cultures, they’ve created a sound all their own while being inspired by sounds of the past from all over the world. There’s a solid percussion beat throughout simulating a heartbeat, while they infuse old tribal instruments with new age tech sounds. The result is a futuristic, yet retro sound with a solid groove that’s sure to lift you up.
The latest album from Get Tribal is entitled ‘Radio God’. It includes 10 tracks that follow the same worldly pattern of life, earth and its elements. The album is inspired by spiritual chants and melodies from around the world. The second track is ‘RUAH: Breath’ and it’s inspired by the Hebrew prayer ‘Shema Yisrael’. It was created in honor of Hanukkah and is a beautiful tribute. There is a real dramatic orchestral vibe throughout giving it that intense spiritual vibe such a song would demand. The song is meant to remind us to just breathe in challenging times of our life, because it is believed that breathing connects us to our spirit of which can understand more than our minds. So just breathe, and enjoy the music.

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