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More proof that you can make it big as an independent artist! Gabi Sklar new pop EP ‘Heartbreak In Heaven’ was released March 8th, 2024. She is a viral sensation on TikTok with a staggering almost 4 million followers! Then another million plus on Instagram. This is another TikTok success story for independent artists, which all we can do is applaud. Any way artists find success like this, without a major label, really is amazing.

It’s easy to see why New York pop artist Gabi Sklar became so popular, so quickly. Just listen to her music! Her dynamic voice is so powerful, and soulful, that mixed with her songwriting is a recipe for success. Gabi’s unique brand of pop music has so much depth, she’s created a sound all her own. To help her create this sound, she’s worked with some amazing producers and songwriters. Such as Grammy award winning producer Tommy Brown at Champagne Therapy Music Group.

Gabi Sklar New Pop EP ‘Heartbreak In Heaven’

The new EP ‘Heartbreak In Heaven’ features 6 original new tracks. The title track has a music video (watch below) which is basically a movie that will give you all the feels. Each track on this EP could stand alone as a major hit single itself. The first track ‘Back To Life’ really showcases her beautiful voice. The music isn’t too overproduced and her voice shines. When ya hit the 1:50 mark and she belts it out, you’ll be blown away.

Other songs like ‘Grown Men Cry’, ‘Boyfriend Material’ and ‘Youniverse’ touch on love and relationships. ‘Lonely Times’ is a little more produced, like a pop jam, showing her range. At just 24 years old, this is just the beginning, we can’t wait to see what’s next for this rising star. Listen to the EP below on Spotify and join the millions to follow her socials.

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