Interview with Irish Psych Rock Band MELTS Band Interviews

Interview with Irish Psych Rock Band MELTS

MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. Introduce yourselves, what are your names and roles in the band?

MELTS: Hello there! Thanks for inviting me to do the interview. Hugh O’Reilly, guitarist in MELTS.

How did you meet and form up? How long have you been together?

MELTS: We all played in different bands prior to MELTS so we’ve known each other from the Dublin music scene for a long time! It’s been about 6 years since we had our first jam I think?

Instagram: @wearemelts
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How did you come up with the name MELTS?

MELTS: I think our heads were “melted” coming up with names and I just said “what about MELTS?” There were some truly appalling name suggestions up until that point, I’m too embarrassed to even mention haha.

Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the band you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?

MELTS: Even though we’re not necessarily a krautrock band I think we have drawn a lot of inspiration from bands/Artists such as Can (RIP Damo), Neu!, Kraftwerk, Michael Rother, Amon Duul etc…that whole scene in 60s/70s Germany.

What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?

MELTS: Attended: Tenacious D at the RDS venue, Dublin when i was 15 was probably the most exciting show i have ever attended.

Performed: We played a show at the Lexington, London on our ‘Maelstrom’ tour in ‘22 and it was close to sold out so it was really cool to have this packed out room in London, i felt like “oh shit, there’s people out there who actually like our music” haha. That was a very special show for sure.

What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a band? Any particular message you wish to send?

MELTS: I shouldn’t speak for the other lads in the band but I’d like to think the goal for ourselves at this point is just to be able to keep writing, recording and touring new music and still have the craic (fun) while we’re at it and if we happen to inspire more people to form bands and create music well then happy days! There’s a lot of financial hurdles these days to keeping the show on the road, ya know?

I guess my message would be just to keep it as fun as possible and do it with people you enjoy being around.

Your latest release is the single ‘Altered’, what inspired this release? What’s it mean to you?

MELTS: Well I don’t know if I’m the best person to speak on the detailed meaning of the songs as Eoin P Kenny is the lyrics man, but Altered is a love song. It’s about how you are altered by love and how everything is altered around you from your point of view.

The music video by Conor Finnegan is incredible, people should really check that out.

Next up, your new album ‘Field Theory’ is dropping April 12th. What can we expect from this record?

MELTS: Lyrically you can expect the theme of love to be right at the core of our new record. The term ‘Field Theory’ is a scientific concept, which describes how forces interact and influence particles around each other. Just like the gravitational pull between objects, we are drawn to and miss people and like light waves we love people and are loved.

Musically you can expect plenty of heavy synth lines, pulsing sequences, blasted out guitars and deadly drums…or something to that effect.

What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

MELTS: Our focus is very much on the new record and introducing the songs into the set before we hit the road in April, but I can say we are starting to tinker with some new ideas…

Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message for your fans?

MELTS: Buy our new record ‘Field Theory’ of course! And come see us play if we’re passing through your area.
But more generally: support the artists, go see local bands, buy merch etc…

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