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Americana rock band Ludlow Creek’s new highly anticipated self-titled album just dropped today, March 29th, 2024. This is the 3rd full album release by the Ohio band. Previously, they released a few singles from the album in ‘Mercy’, ‘Rock For A Heart’ and ‘The Catacombs’. Ludlow Creek is an award winning band, and they’ve ranked highly in UK charts. They continue to grow and evolve their Americana / Roots Rock sound though, getting better with every release.

Instagram: @ludlowcreek

The band includes 5 members in total. Allen Seals (Guitar, Mandolin & Vocals), Dave Benson (Guitar & Vocals), Jeffrey Friend (Drums & Vocals), Michelle Scarpelli (Keyboards & Vocals) and Tom Scarpelli (Bass & Vocals). That fact that you’re seeing vocals by every band members name is no surprise with how exceptional Ludlow Creek is at harmonizing to build a full lyrical sound.

New Self-Titled Album by Americana Rock Band Ludlow Creek

The new self-titled album by Americana rock band Ludlow Creek is finally here and it’s great! We just listened to all 9 tracks, and loved it from beginning to end. We knew a few of the singles already of course, so had high expectations for the rest, and were not disappointed. Ludlow Creek continues to prove they are exceptional song writers. Each song has so many elements to it, you can tell how much time they put in to the structure of each track.

Another thing that’s clear to tell, this band loves what their doing and work together brilliantly. That comes through with every note. We’ve talked about their vocal dominance, but their instrumental chops are impressive. This is particularly showcased in their instrumental bluesy track ‘Redheaded Stepchild’. Ludlow Creek’s attention grabbing riffs are really iconic. The album closes with a beautiful song in Tucson, really showing their range as a band.

Listen to the full album below via Spotify and find on all major streaming sites. Watch the video of them performing ‘Mercy’ as well. Please add to your playlists, give them a follow and share with your friends! Also, learn more about the band in our recent interview with Ludlow Creek

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