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Review of Rice New Single ‘Blog It’

Rice new rap single ‘Blog It’ is out now! It just dropped today, February, 9th. We recently talked to Rice, you can check that interview with Rice out here. Rice, aka Jerard Rice, is a hip hop artist, producer, songwriter and entrepreneur. He does it all and he does it the right way. This is what thriving looks like for an independent artist in 2024. He’s using his music career to make a difference and it’s having a positive impact. Along with that, he’s winning awards and being recognized for his hard work.

The latest release by Rice is the new rap single ‘Blog It’. This song is shorter, but hits hard. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but it’s 1:36 long, just like his last release ‘New Jack’. His flow is undeniable and the track has top level production, as we’ve come to expect at this point. Check it out via Spotify below, or wherever you stream music from. Add the track to your favorite hip hop playlist and be sure to give him a follow to see what’s next from this rising star.

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