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Interview with Hip Hop Artist Rice

MuzicNotez: First off, it’s an honor to be doing this interview with you, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.

We have talked before, and we’re looking forward to get to know more about you now! Tell us something that makes you different than other rap artists?

  • Rice (Jerard Rice): First I’m an artist who happens to make rap Hiphop , World & Pop music and I’ll probably be adding more genres stay tuned.

    My diversity, wordplay, creative thinking and networking I’m unpredictable when it comes to my creativity yet consistent. I love collaborating with different creators because it adds even more diversity and creativity to any project. I’m not complacent and enjoy working with people who have a good work ethic.

    I know I have a purpose and Music is my passion, and using it as a tool to empower, educate & inspire others even if I’m only making a difference or change in one person thinking it makes me happy. I challenge myself to be a better version of me not just as an artist but as a Man.

MuzicNotez: Your latest release is the single ‘New Jack’, what motivated this track?

  • Rice: New Jack is motivated by people whom, didn’t see my value. No one can say I wasn’t a dope lyricist however execution, recording, artist development, and the confidence which needs to exist in the delivery of a great song needed developing. New Jack says “teach me”, “see me on stage not TV”.

    “Most in the trap move scared”, meaning we stay in situations which don’t serve us based on our fear of failure but we have to risk failure in order to succeed it’s all a lesson rather than a loss.

    “Now it feels weird” music, opportunities and jobs need to fuel my passion and align with my goals.

    This is also a tribute to people who have supported my journey & have seen me on stages, that I thought If never get to, opportunities that I could have never dreamed or planned. People who came out when I didn’t make the best music, who purchased my merchandise just as a souvenir and definitely the people who took the time to help develop me as an artist and who helped me realize I am the product.

MuzicNotez: What was the process like to create the ‘New Jack’ music video?

  • Rice: I’m learning to be the artist not the visual creative so it’s letting the Videographer be an expert at what he does and me staying in the Artist lane. Watching CanonLawless bring my vision together was a rewarding experience, including the right elements . Canon was the wardrobe, stylist and videographer, so New Jack video is different from my previous videos because I made sure I had all the props and was ready for the shoot. Wardrobe placement, statement and everything was purposeful. We used a studio that we felt would bring out the qualities of the song we wanted to bring out.

    This is me being an artist. Canon has been my videographer for 6 plus years now, so he listens to the music my idea & he takes it from there. I just had to show up as an artist w/ clothes for scenes. Obviously he shares scenes etc however trust your videographer to shine at his job.

MuzicNotez: Speaking of videos, noticed you’re doing a little series on YouTube called ‘This Is Me’ showing who you are behind the scenes. We love seeing what artists are really like, what kind of response have you receive from these videos?

  • Rice: I have to allow people to get to know me as well as fans who don’t make it out to events get to share in my journey so creating a series that also allows my fans to see behind the scenes my reaction has had a great response , and I know that in order to get fans that actually come out to shows , buy your merchandise they need to know the person behind the music . Fans want to know about us and what we think feel etc.

    This is also a Segway into fully launching riceofficial music, fans will be able to purchase a pass which allows them access to music before it releases, first see video including scenes which were cut opportunity Yo get questions a answered as well as guest at upcoming events, more about me which will be exclusive to Rice VIP pass holders.

MuzicNotez: You’ve been a successful independent artist, what kind of advice would you give to other artists looking to achieve your kind of success?

  • Rice: I believe my network greatly contributes to my net worth.

    Invest in yourself, and don’t sacrifice quality over quantity.

    Qualify content, networking, consistency.

    A team is important because it really allows more creativity and diversity and it’s people to bounce ideas.

    This is just something that I’m noticing let’s not let technology replace people’s including us with technology (mixing & mastering website, shoot your own videos and the list goes). We can do everything ourselves but there are many benefits to working with videographers and photographers models dancers because packaging your product is just 1 of the 4 p’s of marketing.

MuzicNotez: When you’re performing on stage, what gets you in the zone to perform?

  • Rice: I’m fueled by the energy of the crowd , them engaging with my music really gets me in the zone. I practice whether I’m on stage or not because if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.

    A practice performance with your show mix and the ability to create moments to engage the crowd are priceless . It’s rewarding when people repeat your lyrics , come closer to the stage and let you know they enjoy your music.

MuzicNotez: What are your biggest goals as an artist for 2024?

  • Rice: Work with more community organizations to raise awareness to pertinent issues, services etc.

    Fully launch my website riceofficialmusic.com which will include back stage access as well as other surprises.

    Release my first EP ‘Love Shouldn’t Cost A Thing’ this fall. If I can find the right producers and features so this is for Producers and artist who love collaborating.

    Tour in uk this summer 8/22-25 look for details on how to support my journey to the UK.

    Collaborate and get to know more artist.

    Work with more producers.

MuzicNotez: What else are you working on? What can we expect to see and hear from you in the future?

  • Rice: Working on a few releases Blog it dropping 2/9.

    Coming soon Starz single and video.

    Popeye single.

    Releasing more music and videos this year.

    Flutie foundation 26th Anniversary event 8/3 Quincy Massachusetts more details coming soon.

    You’ll have to follow my socials for upcoming events, interviews, and releases.

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