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Luanne Hunt’s New Album ‘Miles & Memories’

The new Luanne Hunt album ‘Miles & Memories’ was released January 15th, 2024. Luanne has had a long music career, spanning 30 years now. She credits the start of her career to her late husband, Steve Hunt. Her first album ‘Mood Swings’ featured all of Steve’s songs. Now, the latest album is also inspired by him. She reworked one of his songs for this new album. After years of growth, she could finally do it justice to become the country masterpieces it deserves. This is her 24th studio album! Over the years, she’s grown a lot as an artist, songwriter and producer. You can hear it in her new music.

The new album ‘Miles & Memories’ features seven new songs by Luanne Hunt. Some are previous songs that have been reworked. Such as ‘The Vice’, which was tweaked and renamed from the previous ‘He’s In Paradise With A Pair Of Dice’. It really is a beautiful song and a brilliant remix. We can’t think of a better way to keep the memory of people alive than through music. The way she brought her late husband back to live with this album is really a beautiful thing. I’m sure he’s smiling down. This might be sure 24th album already, but I’m sure Luanne is just getting started and has many more to come! You can enjoy the touching album below via Spotify.

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