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We’re reviewing Lorenzo Gabanizza rock single ‘I Don’t Want To Live Without You’. This track was released with MTS Records with an old friend of our magazine in Michael Stover. Lorenzo Gabanizza is an Italian singer-songwriter with an impressive music career to date. He has worked with a long list of talented artists and Grammy winners. His music is a genre bending form of alternative rock I’d say, with a lot of international flare with the instrumentals used.

The new single, ‘I Don’t Want To Live Without You’, features multi-platinum artist Jeff Christie. The track was released back in May and has quickly become one of his most popular tracks to date. The instrumentals have some celtic elements. The engineering is of course masterful, with Greg Calbi (won 63 Grammy’s / worked with Bob Dylan, John Lennon and David Bowie), and Steve Fallone (worked with Lady Gaga) at the helm. Plus, with mixing engineer Corey Moore to round out the track. This track was created through an international effort, with Lorenzo recording his parts in Italy, while Jeff add his from the UK. The, other musicians recorded their parts from the US, where mastering also was done. But in the end, it all came together seamlessly to be another beautiful track created from this collaborative duo of Lorenzo and Jeff.

Then, the music video for this track was also created in a similar fashion. With each artist performing their parts from their respective countries. The music industry has changed a lot over the years thanks to the internet, some good and some bad. But the way it helped artists like this to come together and create art, is one of it’s greatest success stories. Enjoy the single via Spotify below and the music video from YouTube. Be sure to give Lorenzo a follow as well to stay in touch with his following releases.

Lorenzo Gabanizza rock single ‘I Don’t Want To Live Without You’

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